Medical: Allergies Press Releases

Enjoy Life Shows Support For Food Allergy Community By Becoming Gold Level Sponsor Of The Kids With Food Allergies Foundation

Food Allergies continue to be a major issue for a growing number of families. 5.9 million of children under age 18 suffer from at least one food allergy. Enjoy Life Foods, the leading allergen-friendly brand in the Supermarket and Natural Foods stores, has broadened its partnership with the Kids With Food Allergies Foundation to continue to help families who struggle with food allergies.

Allergy Alert ID Bracelets and Tags For Kids

Food allergies in the US are huge, and children are the most affected of all age groups. Trying to find allergy alert IDs that kids will want to wear can be a very challenging.

Free yourself from the bed bug trouble

Our sleep is an active bodily task. It is the process by which the brain, muscles and all the other organs of the body, relax themselves to get ready to work optimally the next day. A good sleep is the only way our body can recharge itself to face the challenges of the next day.

Mattress 24 Help to Rid Beds of Dust Mites

People sleeping with a partner on a double mattress could also be spending the night with 10million dust mites. Online retailer Mattress 24 have released advice on how to get rid of these interlopers!

The Best Treatment To Cure Genital Warts

Struggling with painful Genital Warts? Embarrassed to see a doctor? offers a complete set of guidelines on genital warts and their treatments. Read on to know more...

A Healthier Job Down Under with No1 Currency and Elmvia

Elmvia Australia is coming to Scotland to join No1 Currency and recruit members of the UK health and medical profession promising them a new life Down Under. The recruitment drive is aimed at both newly qualified and highly experienced healthcare personal across all disciplines of the medical profession, including doctors, dentists, nurses, therapists and social workers.

Cornerstone BioPharma, Inc Introduces New AlleRx Dose Pack

Cornerstone BioPharma, Inc., the Triangle-based specialty pharmaceutical company currently focused on the development and commercialization of niche prescription medications in the respiratory arena, today announced a new dose pack to its allergic rhinitis AlleRx Dose Pack product line. The new dose pack will be available at pharmacies across the United States in early March.

Allergens Captured by New Battery-Powered Hat

Peke Safety Inc. has a new solution for airborne allergens. The battery- powered PowerCap with its HEPA filters removes most particulate allergens, like pollen, grass, dusts, dander and particles found inside and outside the home