Medical: Alternative Medicine Press Releases

All High-Risk Patients Should NOT Get Blood Pressure Meds as Recent Report Suggests, says Richard Ruhling, MD

A recent report suggested all patients at risk for heart attack should have their BP lowered by drugs. (US News & World Report, Dec 24) It's true that people with lower blood pressure live longer, but this does not mean people should take drugs to lower it. They would do better to eat a low fat, low cholesterol diet and get exercise which helped 85% of patients off their BP drugs and to avoid bypass surgery in the 70's (Pritikin). Rx drugs are a cause of death now rivaling heart disease due to adverse drug reactions, (JAMA, 4-15-1998; Western Jour Med, June, 2000; Archives of Int Med, 9-10-2007)

Fertile Soul Retreat to Be Held in Denver

Dr. Randine Lewis, founder of the Fertile Soul Method and renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) fertility specialist will be offering a special weekend retreat in conjunction with Jane Gregorie, founder and Clinic Director of Acupuncture Denver on Friday, October 12 through Monday, October 15 2012. The retreat is for women who are interested in enhancing their fertility using the principles of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and body-mind practices. Dr. Lewis' effective and life-changing curriculum has helped thousands of women overcome fertility challenges and go on to conceive and deliver healthy babies.

Local Firm Brings Effective Pain Management to Patients

Acupuncture of America serves the resident of Garden Grove with both ancient and innovative healing techniques proven to be effective in pain management. Furthermore, the services found and firms such as Acupuncture of America have been shown to be an effective remedy for dozens of maladies including migraines, back pain, and tennis elbow.

World Stem Cells, LLC's Stem Cell Treatments in Cancun

World Stem Cells, LLC and its contract clinic "Advanced Cellular Medicine Clinic" participating in ICMS (International Cellular Medical Society) Stem Cell Reimplantation Registry. They provide Stem Cell Treatments to patients in need.

Aadii Center for Enlightened Healing in Sedona, AZ

"The Center is named after a Sanskrit term "Aadii" meaning "coming into Enlightenment". We are offering medically-supervised juice fasts as a path to healing the body, clearing the mind and enhancing spiritual awareness" explains Dr Fisher.

BHM Healthcare Solutions Pursues URAC PCHCH Auditor Certification

BHM Healthcare Solutions, a nationally recognized healthcare consulting firm, has recently been recognized as a "first adopting" organization, and one of four organizations who are working toward URAC PCHCH Auditor Certification to prepare to conduct reviews of practices who will be looking to become URAC PCHCH Accredited.

Manuka Honey Lozenges by Honeymark

Honeymark has launched a lozenge product made entirely out of active Manuka honey for sore throats, strep throat and other interesting applications.

Natural Acid Reflux Remedies, The Best Way To Beat Acid Reflux

This new blog site about Natural Acid Reflux Remedies does more than just explore the root causes of the condition and provide suggestions for natural acid reflux remedies. It also provides information regarding some of the more complicated underlying conditions that can result in reflux.

All Discount Vitamins: The Comfortable Side of Healthcare

Having a good and also healthy body ranks as one of the most significant requirements which makes an individual active and productive in every facets of life. Because of the All Discount Vitamins commits by itself to becoming the catalyst of one's healthy and balanced living.

Nuclear Radiation Warning! Home Radiation Safety Guide Shows You How to Protect Yourself and Family from Radiation Poisoning using Natural Supplements and Devices

Radiation from Japan's nuclear plant is still sending cancer causing radiation throughout the western world. The effects of radiation exposure include cancer, genetic and reproductive damage, hormonal damage, losing all your hair, developing boils on your skin, and thyroid blockage. We are told by the "medical experts" to just take potassium iodide(or iodine) and that will keep us safe. Potassium iodide will actually clog up the thyroid gland and stop radiation from spreading throughout our bodies is what we are told. This is simply false. Particularly for the type of radiation (cesium 137) that is contaminating our food and water supplies. There are 5 things you must do to make sure you are safe from radiation exposure.