Medical: Chiropractic Press Releases

Advanced Chiropractic Health Center Welcomes New Doctors

Advanced Chiropractic Health Center welcomes two new doctors to their wellness team. Chiropractic is performed by knowledgeable, licensed, and board certified doctors and is a safe, non-invasive, and effective method designed to reinforce your body's framework while optimizing its every day functions. Together, you and your chiropractor work to achieve your maximum potential in order to accomplish your goals in health as well as life.

HealthQuest Multispecialty Healthcare Center Provides Effective and Individualized Chiropractic Care

HealthQuest, a leading NYC based multi-specialty healthcare practice provides effective and individualized chiropractic care for musculoskeletal ailments affecting both men and women. This holistic treatment technique focuses on the function of the central nervous system and spine in maintaining good health. It also focuses on taking advantage of the body's own recuperative power to heal itself naturally yet successfully.

Indianapolis Chiropractic Clinic Opens

Indianapolis chiropractors Drs. Steve and Chelsey Smiley have opened Zionsville Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center located at the corner of Zionsville Rd. and 86th Street behind Trader's Point shopping center.

Don't Let Leaves Leave You with an Aching Back!

There's no denying it...Fall is one of most spectacular times of the year! The beautiful autumn sky, the clean, crisp air, and the glorious colors of the leaves make Fall a most welcomed season. But, once those magnificent leaves lose their vibrant hues and make their way to the ground, raking them becomes a dreaded, tedious chore that most of us would prefer to avoid.

Patient With 10 Years Of Headaches, Was Amazed At Chiropractic After Her First Treatment At NW3chiropractic

The patient had tried 'everything' and had no success; including conventional and alternative medicine. She had found that massage and Physio helped for a few hours but no lasting relief. Her first treatment(detailed below) at NW3chiropractic, brought immediate benefits. She was astounded at how good she felt and that her headache had disappeared. She will visit again this week when she will receive a Report of Findings and re-assessment.

E-Nate Web-Based Medical Billing Software can Double Chiropractor's Practice Management

e-nate is a revolutionary new approach to clinical notes, a completely integrated management system and a paperless office all in one fantastic bundle, while also enhancing research. The raging need for chiropractic research and the lack of educational tools to help people manage their health and related issues demands a new way to network natural health care information networks. Innate intelligence is the intelligence that governs homeostasis or physiological balance of all living organisms. In human, the nervous system is organized in a network of nerves that monitor and manage physiological activity. Our vision is to deploy a network model for the chiropractic profession hence the name e-nate. We are completely web based. It is much easier and far less costly to deploy e-nate.

Chiropractic Neurologist Gives Patients Other Options II

Chiropractic Neurologist Gives Patients Another Option I saw a young woman in my office this week, who presented to see if I could help her with her vertigo and dizziness, which she has been suffering with for several years. This is not an uncommon presentation in my office, in fact quite the contrary; it is what folks commonly come in to see me for...