Medical: Dental Press Releases

Dentist Profit Systems Will Have Presence at Pankey Institute Meeting in September 2014

Dentist Profit Systems Will Have Presence at Pankey Institute Meeting in September 2014 Dentist Profit Systems LLC of Tampa, Florida is pleased to be a sponsor of the upcoming Pankey Institute Annual Meeting scheduled for September 18-20, 2014 at the South Beach Ritz-Carlton in Miami. 'The Pankey Institute is one of the nation's foremost centers for postgraduate dental education," said Deborah Bush, Partner and Managing Editor of Dentist Profit Systems.

RecordLinc Releases New Product for Dental Patients Called MyDentalFiles

Today at the Western Regional Dental Conference, RecordLinc has launched their newest product called MyDentalFiles. Through the secure online portal or iOS Application, patients can fill out their health history and dental history forms electronically, easily find current or new treating dentists, securely communicate with their dentist, and access their dental records.

Newly Released "Why Do You Talk Like That?" Book Discusses Life After a Fractured Jaw

Marie Buckner is pleased to announce the release of her book titled "Why Do You Talk Like That?". This book provides readers with a real-life story of what it is like to wake up and find yourself in the Intensive Care Unit having to recuperate from a number of life-threatening injuries, including a fractured mandible (jaw). This first part of a book series will take readers on a journey from in-patient care and jaw wiring surgery to living in everyday society. Written by a patient for a patient. 

Barrie Dentist Donates $2,200 to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie

Dr Elston Wong and his staff are a team of committed people who work together to better the community and their teeth. Dentistry is a team effort, and Dr. Elston Wong is fortunate to have a group of dedicated professional staff that is highly trained to meet the needs of patients in the community.

Get that Million Dollar Smile with Smile Plus Dentistry's Dental Implants

If you do not feel confident in public due to missing teeth, Smile Plus Dentistry is providing dental implant treatment for missing teeth. This is an effective long term solution for those individuals who wish to replace their missing teeth. As the implants provide a greater structural support, they always last longer.

Natural Gum Disease Treatment May Help Reversing Diabetes!

A link between gum disease and diabetes has been found. Clinical guidelines from the International Diabetes Federation has proved that gum disease triggers the body's inflammatory response which can have an effect on insulin sensitivity and in the end lead to unhealthy blood sugar levels.

RESTORATEAM The UK Dental Nursing Agency

Restor-a-team is a dental nursing agency providing locum/temporary staff to Dental Practices in the Bristol, Nailsea, Clevedon and Weston-super-Mare areas in the UK.

Get A Free Bag Of Costa Rican Coffee From Costa Rica Dental Team

Costa Rica Dental Team is American-owned and operated, and is one of the most recognized and respected dental clinics in Costa Rica. Owner, Mike Lomax wanted to create a dental clinic that catered to the needs of American and Canadian dental customers seeking attentive service at deep discounts over US dental prices. "People come to Costa Rica Dental Team because of our low prices, which are often 50% to 70% lower than US prices for similar dental procedures. But they return to us year after year, and refer their friends and family because of the quality of service and care they receive. Our dental services are equal or better than most US dentists at a fraction of the price," said Lomax.