Medical: Mental Health Press Releases

Bestselling Author and Renowned 'SuperWoman' Coach Dr Jaime Kulaga Helps Take Women from '15 Minutes to Fierce'

Based off her 2015 bestselling book, The SuperWoman's Guide to Super Fulfillment: Step-by-Step Strategies to Create Work-Life Balance, Dr. Jaime's "15 Minutes to Fierce" platform will give women quick and easily digestible tools to help them begin to achieve a natural balance between their professional careers and personal lives. For only $15 per webinar, women from anywhere in the world at any time of day can sign in and experience 15-minute SuperWoman coaching that will teach them how to stop struggling with the intense pressure that society places on women for not 'doing enough,' step off this psychologically debilitating Ferris wheel of unrealistic expectations, and begin enjoying life again with fulfillment.

A Conscious Path Counseling LLC, A Therapy and Wellness Practice, Now Accepts Clients

A Conscious Path Counseling LLC is now accepting clients. The practice specializes in anxiety and stress concerns, depression and mood, and chronic health and pain conditions. Their highly trained clinicians aim to offer whole-person, wellness therapy that supports balance in mind, body, and spirit, helping each individual reach their highest potential.

Doorways Welcomes Two New Providers, Specializing in the Outpatient Treatment of Teenagers and Young Adults

Doorways a faith-based outpatient counseling clinic in Phoenix, that focuses exclusively on treating teenagers and young adults announces the addition of two new providers to its staff. One doesn't have to look far to find a story of a troubled teen or young adult acting out, often in a violent manner. With such incidents come questions of cause. Doorways hopes to not only help families identify the cause of troubling behavior, but also a solution.

New Anger Management Class in Galaxy Counseling Center

Galaxy Counseling Center Always offers anger management groups to self-refer and court mandated adults. Anger management sessions help clients to learn new constructive ways to express their feelings thus helping them to gain control of their lives.

CooperRiis Healing Community - Nationally Recognized Recovery Community, Celebrated Its Tenth Anniversary on June 15th, 2013

CooperRiis is a non-profit residential recovery community and through the generosity of many, it opened with 25 staff and 4 residents on a farm in Mill Spring, NC in 2003 and has since opened a second facility in the historic Montford section of Asheville, NC and built a thriving 'Community Program' for our 'graduates'. We now serve over 100 residents with mental health challenges and secondary addiction issues who are supported by a staff of over 150. With an annual budget of $10 million, we are able to provide over $2.5 million a year in scholarships and have helped over 650 individuals and families to regain fulfilled and functional lives.

Boulder Integrative Therapies Announces its New Website!

Boulder Integrative Therapies announces its new website. Boulder Integrative Therapies provides psychotherapy, intuitive counseling sessions and supervision. Boulder Integrative Therapies is owned by Ashley Davis, MA, LPC. Ashley is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado; she is a Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist and trained in EMDR with over 15 years of experience in the field. Ashley is in private practice in Boulder & Denver working with adolescents, adults and families.

Pickerel Lake Recovery offer Burks Falls Residents Community Help

Pickerel Lake Recovery Center offers the community of Burks Falls the opportunity to help families in need. The private recovery center has set aside a fund to help local resident families get the help they need for a loved one that they otherwise couldn't afford. The fund is designed to help pay for treatment from addiction for families in need where they are in the midst and throws of deep rooted addiction that is uprooting the family and the sufferers.

The Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Under Fire

Every psychiatric "expert" involved in writing the DSM standard diagnostic criteria for disorders financial ties to drug companies that sell medications such as depression and schizophrenia has had for those illnesses.

Spiritual Healing - Helping Sufferers of Depression

Conventional western medicine suggests that depression is best treated with drugs. Alongside this, there is a growing understanding that hypnosis, meditation and other non-medical tools are also incredibly useful. However, Monique Williams, founder and spiritual healer at The Healing Centre, says that we can go one step further and move straight into spiritual healing for depression, anxiety and stress.

Linden Method - What To Do if you Have Panic Attacks

Managing anxiety is an essential skill. The Linden Method was not written overnight, it is the product of years of research and experience, it is now the pinnacle of managing anxiety, stress and panic attacks.

Panic Attack - Alarming Discovery Stops Panic Attack Quickly

Panic attack ex-victim Berry McDonagh, has not suffered from a panic attack since he discovered this amazing break-through technology that stops panic attacks in 7 seconds flat, and ends general anxiety in 7 minutes. Berry, who used to experience frequent panic attacks and general anxiety, enjoys his new found freedom immensely.