Medical: Nursing Press Releases

Registered Nursing Graduates Recite New Nightingale Pledge for the First Time

Graduates of the Registered Nursing Program at Middlesex Community College, in Massachusetts recited a new contemporary nightingale pledge at their recent graduation. Authored by a Canadian nurse educator, the new pledge doe not reference the religion or service to physicians and reflects current nursing practice as an autonomous and self regulated profession. When the graduating class at Middlesex Community College took the pledge at their pinning ceremony on May 25 2011, it marked the first time the new nightingale pledge had been recited by graduates.

Guidelines For Finding an Online Nursing Degree

Those curious in pursuing their careers in nursing can discover an on-line degree plan which will help them achieve their goals whilst still taking care of their family. Many people have discovered that they can find an on-line nursing program and balance their other responsibilities and commitments at the exact same time. You can easily find a program that fits both your budget and your time constraints. The most tough part is choosing a plan out of all of your several choices. This can be somewhat overwhelming if the organized approach isn't taken.

Phlebotomy Students Are in High Demand!

In today's volatile economy, many people are experiencing difficulty when searching for jobs, and in turn, education paths to follow as well. is an informational website which was created in order to help people discover the great opportunities that lie behind the doors of a phlebotomy training program.

Institute of Medical Emergency Preparedness (IMEP) and Medical Simulation Corporation (MSC) Partner on Moderate Sedation Plu Airway Emergency Course

The Institute of Medical Emergency Preparedness (IMEP) today announced today that it has partnered with Medical Simulation Corporation (MSC) to provide the MSC Moderate Sedation Course and IMEP Sedation Emergency Algorithms to help better prepare healthcare providers caring for patients undergoing procedures using moderate sedation: the Moderate Sedation Plus Airway Emergency and Sedation Algorithms Course.

Working In The Health Sector, The Career That Was Not Subsided By Crisis

Many people lost their jobs when the crisis hit many countries during recent years. This condition is difficult for everyone, both the lower, middle and above class. The impacts there are many people feel frustrated because they do not know what to do after losing their jobs. Because of that you need a solution how to get the jobs that are resistant to the crisis.