Medical: Pediatrics Press Releases

New Bantam Shadow Tray is More Adjustable

Altimate Medical's EasyStand Bantam pediatric stander with Shadow Tray provides optimal anterior support from sitting to standing allowing kids to participate in activities and change positions throughout the day.

EasyStand Bantam's Infinite Possibilities Increase Compliance

Altimate Medical designed the new EasyStand Bantam to offer an infinite number of positioning possibilities into one pediatric stander. These position possibilities are especially beneficial for children with flexible or fixed contractures because they can start standing supine with hip/knee flexion or an anterior tilt sitting position, then move to their upright ability.

Radical New Treatment For Cerebral Palsy And Other Developmental Disabilities

A new treatment regime for children with cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities has been developed by Snowdrop Child Development consultants. The treatment is called 'neuro-cognitive therapy' and is presented in the form of a programme, which families carry out at home for several hours per day.

Duquesa Marketing Inc. to Handle Juvenile Safety Product Development and Launch

Falls incurred in the learning to walk process are among the largest causes of infant injury. One new parent, Ken Headrick, decided to do something about the problem. He designed the Baby Learn to Walk Harness™. The patented juvenile safety product enables infants to safely and comfortably accelerate the learning process, while minimizing parental concern, worry and virtually eliminating the prospect of baby injury.