Medical: Psychology Press Releases

Dream Service Now Provides 30+ Years of Expertise To A Global Community

Founder, analyst and researcher, Ms. Terry L. Gillis has made herself, her thirty plus years of expertise and her research available to all through affordable (and free) dream analysis services, public speaking engagements, workshops and publications. With a new objective and a new mission statement -to bring dreams into our everyday lives and make the understanding of, and knowledge from, our dreams accessible to everyone, everywhere- we've remade ourselves from the inside out.

Pickerel Lake Recovery Center And The Treatment Plan

At The Pickerel Lake Recovery Center they believe in total health, and the achievement of starting a new life! With modern ideas, and the industries leading professionals, they take recovery to new heights and success.

Live a Better Life with Armchair Psychology Practice

The Armchair Psychology Practice specializes in helping people learn how to maximise their mental potential in order to be able to better manage their lives. This team of psychologists' shows people how can they better handle stress; improve their relationships, deal with weight problems, eating disorders, sleep issues and much more.

Double Taboos: Sex and Mental Illness - Sex Therapist Addresses Both in New Book

Based on available figures, mental disorders affect the sexual relationships of millions of couples. Until now, little has been written to serve those couples and the professionals who offer them care. Sex therapist and psychologist Dr. Stephanie Buehler has authored Sex, Love, and Mental Illness: A Couple's Guide to Staying Connected to help couples and professionals maintain a loving physical and emotional relationship.

New Book on How to Teach Anger Management

Joseph Hayes has done it again. He has published his second book called " The complete instructional manual on teaching anger management classes using the Cool Anger program with forms & DVDs". This manual is great for anyone interested in starting an anger management class. The two DVD's can actually teach the course with very little or added assistance from the instructor. This gives an instructor the edge as can just go with the model or incorporate his own ideology into the program.

Little-Known Psychology In Relationships

Many questions are answered in this article, concerning negative lifetime relationships, when individuals don't have a clue as to why they are experiencing such pain.

Group Psychotherapy - a "Credit Crunch" Response?

"In the Credit Crunch people are effectively saying to us - 'Need Therapy - Can't Afford Therapy!" There is a lot of worry out there. It's a situation that needs to be responded to!" Donald Kirkpatrick, psychoanalyst and psychotherapist or counsellor at Lacap, today commented.

Your Self Esteem Determines Your Future Success

According to the Universal Law of Attraction espoused in the Book and Movie "The Secret" it is becoming apparent that one's self esteem, which is based on one's conditioned past, can determine the course of one's future success. New evidence suggests that the past "can" be changed contrary to popular opinion and in doing so this can free one up to pursue their original purpose here.