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Regenerative Medicine Industry Analysis

Regenerative medicine is considered as an emerging field of medical science that aims to regenerate, repair or replace damaged tissue and organs. U.S. National Institute of Health stated that regenerative medicine is the process of creating functional tissue to repair and replace tissue or organ which has lost their function due to damage, congenital defects, disease and age.

Acceliant Participates As Platinum Sponsor at SCDM 2012 Annual Conference

Acceliant, a global technology provider of innovative clinical solutions, will participate as a Platinum Sponsor at the SCDM 2012 Annual Conference, a premium educational event for clinical data managers and related professionals. The event will be held in Los Angeles from Sept. 22 to 25, 2012.

Bio-Synthesis Expands Proteomic Platform with Enhanced Peptide Tools

The peptide property calculator is a comprehensive web-based tool which calculates the various physiochemical property of the protein sequence. This tool calculates properties like Chemical formulae, Molecular weight, Isoelectric point, Extinction Co-efficient, and more. The property calculator can also predict hydrophobic or hydrophyllic regions, secondary structures, transmembrane regions, flexible regions and the probability of input sequence on the surface of the cell.

Global RNAi Market Analysis

BharatBook adds a report on "Global RNAi Market Analysis" to its vast collection of market research reports.

US Stem Cell Market Analysis

BharatBook adds a report on " US Stem Cell Market Analysis " to its vast collection of market research reports.