Medical: Surgery Press Releases

CosMedocs Report Surge in Anti-Aging Surgeries

A big name in cosmetic solutions, CosMedocs has reported via BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetics Plastic Surgeons) that the number of people seeking anti-aging surgeries has gone up considerably and now lands in double digit field.

Veteran Plastic Surgeon of 34 Years Talks "Breast Augmentation"

New York - Complete and total control over every physical aspect of our bodies is the ultimate human dream. For thousands of years, humans have had the intense desire to sculpt their bodies as they see fit. To alter and change the shape of every aspect until it's just the way they want it. And, until very recently, this desire was just a dream. Given the timeline of human history, we've only been able to reliably alter the way the human body looks for a short time. Since the development of basic cosmetic surgery techniques, we've come a long way.

Magnatek Enterprises participated in METASURG 2012

Magnatek Enterprises is participated in METASURG 2012, International Conference on Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery held at Poona Hospital, Pune, India from Jan 7-8, 2012. Magnatek Enterprises has displayed its Bariatric range of operation Theater Tables and other products which has seen a overwhelming response from participating Bariatric surgeons from all over India and abroad.

Bariatric Surgeon in Florida Demonstrates Advance in LAP Band Procedure for Weight Loss on FOX-13

Ever since Dr. Tiffany Jessee, a bariatric surgeon in Florida and founder of Sun Coast Bariatrics, performed the world's first gastric band (Lap band) procedure with the SPIDER surgical platform, she has continued to perform more of these procedures using the single-incision instrument than any other surgeon in the United States. Dr. Jessee, a member of the American Society of Bariatric Surgeons and a Fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons, recently demonstrated the SPIDER technique on Tampa Bay's FOX-13 TV.

Symposiums, Conferences, and Educational Programs OH MY!

In between consulting with new patients, performing surgery, and following up with post-operative patients, Dr. Mack finds time to educate the community. Whether it is potential new patients or other physicians, he presents at conferences every month which focus on his specialty of oculoplastic and facial cosmetic surgery. In addition to professional events, Dr. Mack also hosts his own monthly Facial Rejuvenation Seminar either in his office or at The Grape at International Plaza.

What Happened in Vegas?

What happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas! During the week of June 20th, leading educators and teachers from the fields of Oculoplastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Facial Plastic Surgery came together to educate other aesthetic surgeons. Doctors and guest faculty members were educated on new techniques, controversies, public relations, and marketing strategies.

New Breakthroughs Are Improving Outcomes after Cancer Surgery

The Oncology lab at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital has determined how methods used to gain access to the abdominal cavity in order to perform surgery, alter the body's ability to heal itself and to deal with cancer cells that may remain in the days and weeks following surgery.

Cardiac Programs Continue to Benefit Manhattan Patients

Division of Cardiac Surgery at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center has developed a unique and distinguished tradition in cardiac surgery and offers outstanding surgical care for patients with cardiac disease thus benefiting many patients across the states.

Seminar Success

Every month Dr. Mack and his staff invite the community of Tampa, FL to listen in on his educational and enlightening Facial Rejuvenation Seminar. Whether it is conducted at his practice in South Tampa, FL or at The Grape at International Plaza (such as the one that took place on June 8th,) potential patients leave already scheduled and enthusiastic about their personal aesthetic goals being achieved.

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