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Blog Launches With Goal to Make Public Discourse More Civil

ByTheBodhiTree.com is a new blog for those who've grown weary of the fevered pitch of public discourse. Writers share commentary on news & politics, arts & entertainment, religion, food & drink, sports & games, technology, lifestyles and more.

Julian Assange, Terrorists And Other Mysteries

Julian Assange and terrorists are at opposite ends of the control, authority, and do-as-we-say- spectrum. While conservatives try to kill off the free thinkers, Assange and friends are opening the door to the world of secrecy and deceit.

Rachel Simmons's New Best Seller

Welcome to Thomas Sabo Still worrying your coming special anniversary, graduation ball or homecoming parties? Then why not log in fashionthomassabo.com and pick up the perfectly jewelries by yourself!

India Forum for Proud Indians

Once the great German Physicist and Noble Prize winner Albert Einstein said paying tribute to Indian heritage, "We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made." He was right. The world owes a lot to Indian civilization a lot. India is a great civilization with more than 3000 years old history.

The Many Dangers of Travelling in Australia

As an Australian who travels a lot I am often asked about the many dangers of being in Australia by people who have never been. The creepy crawlies, deadly spiders, shark attacks at bondi, skin cancer, and dying of thirst whilst getting lost in the outback. These are all fears expressed to me by my fellow travellers. It is true these are serious dangers, but to the average Australian, they are a simple part of life.

The Dangers Of Texting While Driving

Texting while driving has reached epidemic proportions and is more widespread than many may realize. In the U.S. alone there are 280 million cellular phones in use today. Out of that we find 800,000 people are texting while driving at any given moment.

Ontario Set To Appeal Stunt Driving Ruling - And So The Debate Continues

Stunt driving deemed unconstitutional in Napanee ruling. Does this ruling mean all current stunt driving charges before the courts will be withdrawn? What, if any, are the implications of this ruling for people charged with stunt driving in Ontario? What about challenging the constitutionality of the search and seizure associated with the charge?

Tweak PDF Converter V2.0 is Released with 100% Accuracy

Tweak PDF Converter is a professional PDF to Microsoft word(PDF to RTF) for converting all the PDF contents inculuding text, columns, tables and graphics. This PDF to word converter is sharp and pretty. You can import several PDF files into Tweak PDF Converter, and with one-off clicking, all PDF files would be converted to word, doc or RTF at once. Besides, Tweak PDF Converter is competent to convert Adobe PDF documents into MS Word, DOC, RTF format with the minimum formats loss.

Bizedia's Fight Against Terrorism

The fight against terrorism is battle that requires the full hearted support from each one of us. We at Bizedia comprehend this fact and are doing our bit to make this fight a success. So let's join our hand for such a noble cause.

Friday The 13th Could Be A Lucky Day

A lot of people are having phobia of Friday the 13th, actually it's not that horrifying. Take a look at the resources provided and you will know better.

Community News & Information Network Launches

A new community news and information forum has just been launched by The Community News & Information Network which is a public forum, where its visitors can comment on and write articles about the news, entertainment, sports and other information

Dismantling The Right and Left To Get To The Heart of America

If you have ever screamed at the Radio or TV this is the book for you. The author is just an ordinary American who has decided that the anger demonstrated by most Americans is off the charts. He believes that America is in the midst of a cultural civil war. And, if we don't do something soon, the America we once knew will not withstand the hatred we are exhibiting from within.

9/11: The Psychological Fallout

Terror wins if we allow our fears to change our lifestyle and our society. The forfeit of our personal freedom for a sense of safety holds untold dangers.

Syndicated Columnist Shares Insight and Juicy Gossip for Internet Readers to Enjoy

Stoneybrook Productions proudly announces the debut of Stevee Ashlock's Internet based syndicated column, Hear Say. Hear Say is a conglomeration of news, gossip, tips, advice, thoughts and quotes that includes personal relationships, parenting issues, spiritual enlightenments, life goals, travel awareness and business suggestions.