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Finding God Has Never Been So Easy

Arthur Levine is an expert and platinum author at He is the author of the Search For God Stories e-book, which is available as a free download at www.faith123,com

Did you know God is in the Refrigerator?

National Speaker, Author and Business Owner, Kimberly King takes her speaking and writing talents to the spiritual level. King releases her first children's book, "God is in the Refrigerator", to help parents put God back into our children's lives. Take stress out of your life and turn the plan over to God. He will answer all of our prayers; sometimes with creative answers.

New Christian Children's Book is now available for purchase

Christian Children's book will help parents and religious leaders put faith back into our children's lives. God is in the Refrigerator is the first in a series of children's books aimed to support parents and leaders in teaching our children faith.

Acclaimed South Florida Musical Director Invited To Sing Before Pope Benedict

Radio Paz Musical announced today that Music Director at St. Frances De Sales Catholic Church on South Beach and Creative Director of the Internet Radio Station, Javier Ivan Diaz has been invited to sing before Pope Benedict XVI. "It's an honor and privilege to be asked." Diaz said, reacting to the news.

Astrology Your Spiritual Needs

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Expanding Religion, Touring the Vatican

When you're in Rome, there are places that you can't definitely miss. One of them is the Vatican. Considered to be the smallest country in the world, the Vatican holds numerous special collections and buildings that tell so much about the beginning and struggle of Roman Catholicism--and how the religion has helped shape the world. Upgrades Its Calling System announces that it has upgraded its Calling and Credit Card System that will help to serve people in many other countries including Mexico, Canada, many European countries and Australia.

Jewish Zodiac Combines Kitsch and Knish With Tasty New Apparel

While sitting at a Chinese restaurant, Seth Front, son of a Rabbi, thought to himself, "Jews love Chinese food. Why isn't there a Jewish Zodiac?" But what would a Jewish Zodiac be? It wouldn't be 'Year Of The Dragon' or 'Year Of The Ox,' it would be 'Year Of The Bagel' and 'Year Of The Lox.' It would be...deli food! And thus The Jewish Zodiac was born.

INDASTRO.COM -Special Updates 2009 Horoscope

The complete 2009 Horoscope forecast will be available to December 2008. In the meanwhile the basic trends for 2009 year are indicated by Pt. Punarvasu as below for the various moon & Sun signs.

Big Bang, Age of Universe, 13.7 Billion Years - But Einstein's Time-Dilation Law Says Six Days (As in Bible)?

A most persuasive argument favoring Darwin-Evolutionism - to the educated and intellectual elite (especially secularists, as it supports anti-religion belief) - is the age of the universe, billions of years, whereas the Bible says Creation took only six days. Science has recently narrowed the time element since Big Bang initiated our world to a precise 13.7 billion years, and our Earth to a bit less than four billion years. However, to pique interest - and curiosity (leading to understanding) about such passages of time - one should wonder just what occurred during those first ten billion years, post-Big-Bang but pre-Earth! (And what says Einstein's Law of Relativity?) Aaron Kolom, in his Ezine articles and book (Brain-Washed* and Miracles**), explains Einstein's time-dilation laws using lay-man's terms and examples, to develop a scientific Cosmic time-frame and - lo and behold - it turns out to be only about six days, same as the Bible! And even more astonishing, a day-by-day comparison shows the events - per Bible and per Earth science - match each other! (Wow! So, what about that most persuasive argument?)

Darwin's 200th Anniversary - Despite Elite's Belief, Pro-Darwin Scientists Can't Prove His Theories!

With Charles Darwin's 200th anniversary Feb. 12, an Ezine "rocket scientist" author audaciously challenges the intellectual elite of our culture - that they've been "brainwashed" into a false belief that - for basic life forms - Darwin-Evolutionism is proven scientific fact (although his brilliant theory is clearly applicable at the secondary, sub-phyla level). With the same reasoned confidence as in engineering design calculations to achieve the optimum - uncompromised structural integrity at minimum weight for military and experimental air/spacecraft for fifty-plus years - "pushing the envelope" - Aaron Kolom, offers solid fact and logic to refute the current conventional wisdom. He argues "From Darwin-Evolutionism to Intelligent Design - Inevitably!" with 20 articles accepted by Ezine in the past ten weeks, subject data taken mostly from his recent book, "Brain-Washed and Miracles." The material is science-based, not faith-based, using historical artifacts and probabilistic reasoning.

Survey Reveals the Beliefs of Atheists

Dr. Darrel Ray, author of the best-selling book, The God Virus, has conducted a survey of atheists in order to discover what made them unbelievers. The results of his survey are published in this press release.