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Our Appointments with God

In The Wonder and Majesty of God's Festivals and Holy Days: The Master Plan Revealed (published by AuthorHouse) Thomas Thorne details the importance of the Holy Days and the joy that can be obtained from their observance.

Shirdi Get Clearance For Its Airport

The expert committee from the department of Union Environmental Ministry has cleared that there is no any kind of disturbance/problem to the environment from the Shirdi Airport which is under construction.

Know About The Role Of Astrology In Gaining Success In Your Life

People do all they can to achieve this success but many of us still found that we are not near to it even after using all of our resources and hard work to get it . But there is a field of science called astrology that can give answers to your each and every question and show you the right path which could lead to your destination of success.

Traditions of Christmas Celebration - Rediscovered!

Have you ever wandered your esteemed thoughts as to what is the traditional way to celebrate Christmas in various Christian dominated countries? If yes, then enhance your Christmas related info up to a great level and if not explore the other side of the festival. Read on to pave the way to understand the Christmas traditions worldwide...

Religion Should Promote Unity And Not Diversity

A common path of invisible thread to unite all the people belonging to the same community, customs and traditions worshipping one God is named as Religion. People of the same community shared the same traditions, customs, sentiments and feelings and the worship of God. So some of the responsible people wanted to lead them on to one path and they named this path 'RELIGION.'

The New Covenant Christian Center

The different religions are like branches connected to the tree or the God. Religions are the roads that help a person in meeting their goals that God has crafted for them.

Church Gives One Week To Serve Community

Instead of a far away missions trip, East Hills Community Church is planning ONE SUMMER, a weeklong community mission right here in Riverside and Moreno Valley.

Students Seeking World - Unifying Universal Truth

Many people are working to stop poverty, pollution, over-population, racism, crime, war, disease, and the other social ills that plague mankind, but the problems are never ending. This is because the root cause of the problems, "division," is never resolved. The solution is to "unite" people with the truth.

Marine's Family Protests Westboro Baptist

Known for their extremist actions, Westboro Baptist church appears to have messed with the wrong man. Albert Snyder has sued the fundamentalist church for emotional damages. The appeal heads to the Supreme Court.

Secrets of Creation

A man takes dictation from the Supreme Being and introduces an e-book, which describes The One True God as It learns that it is All That Is and from that point forward, develops Itself to become the Creator or All that Is or can ever be. The small book is only 45 pages in length, but it covers practically any subject concerning our existence and the Creation Theory.

Bible Verses - Your Ticket to Fabulous Prizes!

Check out the great prizes we're giving away in the New Living Translation's Breakthrough to Clarity Bible Contest and Giveaway! Every day, one person will win the best-selling Life Application Study Bible! And one person will win a fantastic trip for two to the crystal clear waters of the Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu's North Shore, in beautiful Hawaii.

Lifetree Adventures Announces Ecuador Mission Trip

Lifetree Adventures, along with its local partner organization, reaches out to impoverished families and orphans by providing daycare and feeding programs that serve the many kids who come to our partner's facility each day during our mission trips.

Divinity - A Portrait of Human Spirituality

You can explore from pieces or from a masterpiece, and advance like an athlete in your spiritual and ethical development. Spend fascinating moments with 1361 citations from nine of the profoundest scriptures, receive detailed awareness of the globally dominant spiritual teachings, be a vehicle for the universal understanding of the human spirituality, while allowing the highest ideals in you to live. Continue your inspirational ethical and spiritual development with the scriptures of your choice with the text and workbooks by the author.

Wedding Scripts to Be Top New Trend in "Must Have" Wedding Elements

Professionalism is the key to a perfect wedding and a major new trend is beginning to form in the wedding industry. "It used to be the dirty little secret," says Reece Manley, of WeddingWriter.Net, "but now getting vows or entire ceremonies scripted is a glorious flourish to the perfect day."

Recovering Religionists Reaches New Milestones

Recovering Religionists (RR), founded by acclaimed author of The God Virus, Dr. Darrel Ray, has reached a new milestone, after being in existence less than a year. There are now RR groups in more than 15 cities and 20 meetings throughout the United States.