Religion: Spirituality Press Releases

New Healing Method Developed by Certified Energy Healer - Is There Hope for People Who Suffer From Negativity As a Result of Traumatic Experiences?

Energy healing and other alternative therapeutic methods have become increasingly popular in the United States and other parts of the globe. However, the effectiveness of these methods could vary. The cost of some of these services could also be quite high for the average person, ranging from hundreds to up to a thousand dollars per treatment session or program.

VocalBillity Devotionals

The VocalBillity Devotionals has just become available on Amazon's Kindle. This daily devotional blog is now published directly to your Kindle for a small monthly subscription.

New Psychic Website Launched

This website features live psychic readings through video chat, phone and email. Research articles about astrology, horoscopes and spirituality. The website is available 24 hours daily.

Native Wisdom-Holder, Ohki Simine Forest, Announces Website Renewal

Esteemed spiritual teacher's new website features indigenous shamanic teachings from the Red Lodge. Of Canadian Mohawk descent, Ohki Simine Forest is a vision-holder and spiritual teacher who has lived in Chiapas, Mexico since 1985 where she supports Maya social justice projects and fosters the renewal of traditional Native spirituality.

New Spiritual Retreats In Latin America Focus On Magical Nature Settings ("UIP") announced today that they have added a new program to their offerings. They now are offering spiritual retreats in Central America. The Power of Inner Vision, which will take place on December 5-10th, 2013, is the first in a series of spiritual retreats to be offered in magical nature settings.

One Power World Healing Ceremony

Daniel's powerful message of peace, love and compassion across all nations, cultures and faiths has found overwhelming acceptance wherever he has performed.

Astroyogicom Launches New Astro Products launched new powerful and life enhancing astro products during this festive season. These products have their own significance and are highly effective and powerful. They also serve a perfect gift items during this festive occasion.

Experience Live Phone Psychic Readings for Clearer Path

Even though there are many available ways to connect to a psychic these days, nothing beats the psychic readings by phone in terms of physical anonymity, with the freedom of expressing what you need instantly and live.

Spirituality and Present Moment Awareness

Let us find out about spirituality and move on the path towards self improvement. Read this article to know the benefits of present moment awareness and how it leads to self realization and eternal bliss.

Spiritual Gardener Discovers Key to Enlightenment

Landscape Architect and author transforms into a spiritual gardener as he shows how the design process of a garden is a reflection of what is going on in the inner garden of your soul and makes the case that gardens and nature hold the keys to enlightenment.

New Buddhist News and Information Website Launches with Free Subscription

The newly launched online information website, Buddhist Trends which spreads the teachings of Lord Buddha and shares information on Buddhism have its aim to use the online media and technology tools to help spread the teaching and support Buddhist communities. Buddha's teachings are about being peaceful, righteous and thoughtful.