Society Press Releases

Introducing the 'Across the Great Divide' Workshops for Activists

Paul Sterling and Kristin Denton of the Language of Peace are pleased to announce a new, two-hour workshop designed specifically for activists: "Across the Great Divide." This workshop covers how to communicate effectively with people who oppose our values--to communicate in a way that models the peaceful world we would all like to live in. Learn to discuss issues like war, abortion rights, immigration, the environment and gay marriage in a way that will change the other person's mind at a visceral level. Yes, this is possible!

Genealogists Can Earn On The Internet

UK based Genealogist and Internet Marketer Paul Duxbury has launched Genealogy Experts. The site provides a range of resources to help Genealogists take advantage of the Internet to generate a regular monthly income.

Childrens Hospital and Senior Centers Embrace Gifted Ladys Gift Basket Donation Program

Your donation can be shipped anywhere in the 50 United States and it is Gifted Lady's goal to touch thousands of seniors and children across the nation with a gift that delivers a Smile and Ray of Hope! Kimberly says, "an unexpected gift really can mean a lot to a Senior or Sick Child that needs cheering up or to a Displaced Child that is scared and confused".

New eBook - 'How-To Build Self Confidence for a Better Future'

Janet M. Atwell Aims to eliminate self confidence issues that paralize many gifted people that have valuable talents to offer by teaching them how to 'Build Self Confidence and Become More Assertive for a Better Future at

Public Speaking Without Fear

Public speaking does not have to be a scary experience. How the person views the task determines how stressful it will be.

Free Video "Discovering the Source of Happiness" Offers Practical Benefits

The new video entitled, "Discovering the Source of Happiness" features a talk by Shiv R. Jhawar, author of "Building a Noble World" and founder of Noble World Foundation. With a mix of philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and science, he leads viewers on a journey to discover the source of happiness and peace.

We All Dream: Massive World Wide Dream Project

Terry Gillis, affectionately and professionally known as The Dream Lady says: "All peoples, all cultures have dreams in common. We all dream every night, whether we remember them or not, and we all dream about the same things, whether we live in Africa or the Antarctic. The Dream Project is was created to allow everyone to see that we all have the same cares and concerns, that we all share the same fears and anxieties, and that we all strive for joy, happiness and success. Dreams are our unifier.

Yerasoft and PMEquity Partnered for Disaster Relief

Yerasoft and PMEquity partnered to become a big help to the people in Ottowa, Ohio. Ohio has seen the biggest flood in decades and they need help in communicating with people through all sorts of communication venues.

Imam Zaid Shakir - Professor, Scholar, Writer

With long-standing dedication to the human community, Imam Shakir has helped to shape a better understanding of the conflicts facing the American-Muslim, he has forged campaigns for human rights and social justice, and his devotion stands in helping to build and reinforce intellectual and spiritual roots, so that we as a global community may begin to adopt solution-oriented strategies.

Published Author to Pen Book on Lawless Borders

Published author of over 40 books has begun work on her most controversial project to date. "Lawless Borders reveals untold truths of the most porous section of today's US/Mexico Border in southeastern Arizona." She is calling for submissions of true experiences by those who have seen or been involved in some way with the border crisis that is going on.

Abingdon Based Magicians Entertained For The Samari Rolle Foundation Holiday Event

MAGICTAINMENT entertained for the Samari Rolle Foundation holiday event. While walking through the crowd, who were sipping Corona and eating wings, it was inevitable to walk into people like Adrienne Watson Carver (Mrs. Maryland) and Baltimore Ravens Cory Ivy, Antwan Barnes, Prescott Burgess, Ray Lewis, and Samari Rolle to name a few.

Hugging Without Borders: Be Happy In Life Is Coming To Hug Melbourne

A Brisbane life coach is embracing Melbourne with her version of FREE HUGS, after a huge success in over a year of hugging. Ronit Baras, a life coach, author, journalist, public speaker and educator from Brisbane, joined by Melbourne community members, will hug Melbourne on Friday, 8th of February, at noon in Federation Square.

Infodoro Announces The New Release Of Its Web Application, Fivewords And The Infodoro Evangelist Rewards Program (a web property of Arlak LLC) rolled out the new version of its web application 'FiveWords'. This web application enables its users, to express opinion/s on interesting and hot topics of the day using rich text, pictures, video links and ratings that are tracked & showcased, over time. Infodoro, subsequently announced the 'Infodoro Evangelist program' that lets active and contributing users win cash rewards on the website at

Going Green Is the New Trend

Shaklee, a direct seller of nutrition, personal care and household cleaning products, has always embraced environmental responsibility decades ago, says CEO Roger Barnet.