Society: African American Interests Press Releases

The African Diaspora Network Announces The Creation Of, An On-Line Social Network Community For Africans In The Diaspora Irrespective Of Their Country Of Origin

The African Diaspora now has a new tool to network and remain connected to the mother land. a new social network website was created to respond to the unique needs of Africans of the Diaspora to meet, network, self improve while also helping each other by sharing resources and ideas on a variety of issues that matter to Africans from the Diaspora.

Columbus Legends: Celebrating Our Own

In celebration of the upcoming Bicentennial of the City of Columbus, The King Arts Complex will celebrate and honor a league of special individuals. These individuals have walked among us disguised as ordinary persons yet; they are heroes, icons, superstars, champions---Columbus Legends.

Mother of Murdered Son Says He's Still Alive

A Columbus, Ohio mother mourns the death and celebrates the life of her son. Murdered on Mother's Day, making it a holiday she will never be able to celebrate quite the same.

Ghana - New Twitter Version Launches to Connect Ghanaians

There is a big social media engagement wave that has hit the people of Ghana both locally and abroad. Most Ghanaians especially the youth today use the social sites to stay closer to their family and friends. For that reason, a new social media blog web site has been launched to offer a dedicated platform for Ghanaians.

Meet Singles For Dating

If you are having problems meeting a life partner try online services. The new way of meeting someone for a date is now also through the internet to find other singles.

Learn The Chinese language

The is offering an exciting new language service to those who wants to learn Chinese online. Now students can learn Chinese and practice their listening and speaking skills from the comfort of their home or office

Who's Denying Black Diaspora Roles & Rewards in Africa?

C. Paschal Eze urges African Americans interested in reconnecting with Africa to marry Malians, adopt Angolans, buy Kenyan Tusker beer and award winning South African wines, invest in Ivorian women's livelihood at, package roots tours to Gambia, relocate to Ghana, etc . Stresses 8 not-to-do things in any African country.

Obama, Belief, and Black Competence

A just-released study by Dr. Ray Friedman of Vanderbilt University, in which 20 questions from the verbal sections of the Graduate Record Exam were administered four times to White and Black test-takers during the just completed U.S. presidential campaign, showed that as Barack Obama surged during the campaign, Black scores improved and the scores of Black and White test-takers became equal.

Black Actress and Spokesperson Wambui Bahati Speaks Out in Her Tell-All Novel, "You Don't Know Crazy"

Over 5.6 million men and women living in the United States today suffer from bipolar disorder. 9.5% of the U.S. population suffers from moderate to severe depression. Despite their prevalence, however, sufferers of these disorders are often hesitant to speak out about their experiences-until now. Actress and spokeswoman Wambui Bahati is breaking down walls with "You Don't Know Crazy-My Life Before, During, After, Above and Beyond Mental Illness", the tell-all novel of her own struggle with mental illness.

Marry Your Baby Daddy Day LLC September 24 2009

Reports show that the growing number of out-of-wedlock births and an increase in unmarried households have forced a new dialogue about relationships in America according to Marry Your Baby Daddy Day™ founder and St. Martins Press author Maryann Reid.

Gun Violence-Getting to the Root of the Problem

The format will also allow for the open exchange of information to encourage the discovery of solutions to Urban Social problems as they relate to youth. Also to facilitate interaction among community partners and intellectuals that will help to establish concrete action plans for community development.

2008 Man of the Year

National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Club, Inc. awarded Shafiq Abdussabur as 2008 Man of the Year.