Society: Gay Lesbian Press Releases

Gender Identity Secrets Revealed

A new E-book has been released entitled "Trans-Gender Society-An In Depth Look into Gender Identity Disorder". The book looks deeply into the mysteries of gender identity and will be welcomed by those in the trans-gender world as it will offer a notable resource for families, friends and colleagues of trans people. There are so many different terms in the gender identity world that the first thing the author felt was needed was to cut to the chase and define all the myriad of terms one comes up against from Gender identity disorder, gender dysphoria, tans-gender, transsexual and so on.

Controversial Gay Mormon Social Network Launches

Set to launch in the immediate future is a Social Network focused on the gay and lesbian Mormon community. This comes right on the heals of the overturning of Prop 8 in California, offering another source for advice, counseling, and a safe online community.

Matchmaking Sites Are Often Generic In Their Approach To Sign Up Processes

The internet is becoming an increasing popular place to seek out new personal relationships as the number of singletons and people living alone continues to rise. In response to this growing trend, Compatible Friends is poised to provide speedier and more compatible matchmaking for those seeking friendships or intimate relationships via the web.

Romance Or Internet Love

Flowers and chocolate, romantic walks by the beach, watching the sunset side by side, champagne and quoted lines from Shakespeare's love poems -- these are usually the images associated with old-fashioned romance. Even though many people still yearn for this kind of courtship, one cannot deny that technology has also changed the way we woo each other. Instead of sending your beloved your heart's song penned down on perfumed paper, you can now send him text messages or emails. Instead of setting up a rendezvous in a blossoming courtyard, you can meet him in a local pub or even skip to the chase and meet in a hotel room.

How Much Does It Cost to Cheat?

If you're going to have a mistress, understand that it's going to cost you. And by this we mean in the form of hard cash. You have to be prepared to spend a lot on extramarital affairs if you want to keep the excitement going. Here are just a few of the many costs that you should expect if you want to maintain that illicit affair.

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GaySoFla Receives LPA Nomination for Best LGBT Website

South Florida LGBT news, entertainment and information media venue has been nominated for a Latino Press Award in the Best LGBT Website category. Two of the digital magazine's writers were also nominated for Best Columnist.

New Book Exposes Law Enforcement's Unwritten Don't Ask - Don't Tell Policy

A new book, just released, exposes law enforcement's unwritten "don't ask, don't tell" policy in stories told by successful law enforcement officers who happen to be gay or lesbian. Police officers from all over the country share their experiences and advice in hopes of helping the thousands of gay and lesbian law enforcement officers who remain in the closet from fear of losing the career they so love.