Society: Senior Citizens Press Releases

Book on Science and Philosophy, Senior Citizens' Meet to Release the Book

Dr B.Sathyanrayanan, a retired Professor of Physics is a well-known writer in the subject of Philosophy of Science. His book Science and Philosophy is to be released on 16th August in a simple function by Probn Dr T.S.Ramaswamy, senior advocate and President of the PROBUS CLUB OF CHENNAI,(A club for senior citizens, sponsored by the ROTARY CLUB OF CHENNAI).

2011 Golden Future 50+ Senior Expo Accepting Sponsors And Exhibitors

Participating Sponsors and Exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with hundreds of Ventura County & Santa Barbara County Seniors, Caregivers, and Industry Professionals. Attendees will enjoy a diverse range of exhibitors, entertainment, health screenings, and informative educational seminars with the goal of helping seniors manage and enhance all aspects of their lives.

Regency Home Care

Sometimes we're not sure whether the type or amount of home care we give our seniors is enough.

New Book Published for Alzheimer's Caregivers

Frances H Kakugawa's newest book, "Breaking the Silence: A Caregiver's Voice," has just been published by Willow Valley Press. This book will be a great aid for caregivers to people with Alzheimer's disease or other dementia.

Senior Move Assistance, LLC, Celebrates National Senior Move Managers Week

"Most older adults making a transition have not moved in 30, 40 or 50 years and need to downsize considerably," said Robin Hall, Community Relations for Senior Move Assistance, LLC., "The organizational and physical tasks associated with planning and implementing such a move can be overwhelming.

Parenting Aspergers Community Finally Provides Help For Children And Parents Alike

Never before has a site brought together a community of children and parents desperate for answers and help. With over 600 members from the around the world, a helpful forum that encourages questions and answers and an ever expanding resource library, is the place to go for any parent raising children with Aspergers Syndrome

Home Care Company Spawns from Compassionate Musician

Lawrence Barris puts his creative passions into his music, but it is his Grandma Birdie Barris, 97 who holds his heart. Recently Lawrence experienced the inevitable cycle of life we all go through when we or our loved ones need assistance. The experience with his Grandmother fueled his passion to launch Birdie's Companion & Home Care.

Adapting To Senior Life Changes

Accepting and adapting to senior life changes can be difficult. But, change is inevitable; it's the law of life. Learn to reorient your lifestyle without putting unnecessary strain on your diminishing body reserves.

Size Matters and Mine Offers More Than Yours

Does size matter when it comes to a wearing a necklace or watch? Size is nice, big and flashy, but it's what it can do for you that really matters. What am I talking about? Well, a personal wearable medical and/or security alarm, of course!

How You Can Wrap A Doctor Around Your Wrist

Many seniors are facing losing their independent lifestyle due to medical and home security issues. The new wearable alarms can provide medical and police assistance by touching your bracelet or necklace. Add a level of protection that can, literally, save your life.

How Seniors Can Minimize Falls and Injuries

Along with aging comes the possibility of trip and fall accidents. Age does not necessarily play a factor in accidents, but as we get older, the odds increase. Medical alarm systems are vital to ensure that help can be summed quickly. Seniors that live alone, face increased odds of being not being able to call for help, if an injury occurs.

Keeping a Lid on Caregiver Costs During Uncertain Times

As the first of the baby boomers turns 65 the senior population is projected to grow exponentially over the next few years. According to the U.S. Census this age group will more than double between now and 2050, bringing the number to over 88 million seniors.

Recent Studies Show Dad May Need Help But Won't Ask For It

Approaching Father's Day, dad may be expecting a different gift from America. Studies show that there has been a growing trend of ailing men not requesting the proper services and help they need. This year, society may need to consider providing the gift of a helper.

Super Seniors Get A "Face" On The Net, a new social site designed for "grown ups" works like a newspaper. Combines benefits of social networking with news, games and pictures.

Certification for Senior Home Care Caregivers

Tender Hearts at Home, The Senior's Choice Company of Cincinnati is the largest network of independent businesses providing non-medical companion services to seniors, announces the implementation of the Certified Companion Aide, CCA® program, the only specialized certification for senior caregivers. The focused training is a compilation of the best companion care standards and practices available today.