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Fun Animal Quiz for Preschoolers and Toddlers

This Animal quiz has all the animals your preschoolers need to learn in the animal world from pets like dogs and cats to more rare and exotic wild animals like nyala and vervet from the African wildlife to Komodo dragon and ocelot from Komodo Island and South America.

'Clay Hunt 3D - Trap & Skeet Shooting' App Reaches 80,000 Downloads on Android

Clay Hunt 3D is basically a Clay Pigeon Shooting game or sporting clays game with Disciplines like single trap shooting, double trap shooting, triple trap house shooting, 5 Stand or 8 stand Shooting, Wobbles, Skeet, ABT, handicapped and many rules around the world. The app also covers the Down the line (DTL) concept and focus on different target flight path angle as well as the real concept 8 stand Skeet shooting where shooter shoots from eight shooting positions, two single and one double are taken from stations 1,2,6 and 7.Two singles are taken from stations 3,4,5 and 8. 25th target is taken from station 8.

Optilius Opens Its Virtual Doors

Optilius, an indie mobile game development company based on Southern California, has opened its virtual doors for business. Optilius promises all games to be really free and truly fair for everyone, meaning all games will not only be available for download for free, but there will be no in-app purchases necessary or even available.

Rainbow Web 3 Catches Android Players

Sugar Games releases its well-acclaimed unique hybrid of puzzle, captivating story and educational game on the Android platform. Rainbow Web 3 enhances the classic 3-in-a-row with addictive gameplay featuring a new twist on traditional rules and principles, excellent graphics and a catching story.

New Special Character "Noble" Released on Freestyle2: Street Basketball

For hardcore basketball fans that can´t get enough action on a mainstream basketball game, the MMORPG game FreeStyle2:Street Basketball (Freestyle2), the successor of the popular FreeStyle1 is here to kick up their feisty-seeking-meter to maximum. Gamers can play in single player or mingle with other ballers to form a team and show off their own freestyle skills, but they should always remember that "teamwork" is the key to winning in Freestyle2. Also, as FreeStyle2 is getting ready to be released on Steam soon, now might be the best time to start playing.

World Basketball Manager World Cup 2014 - Free for All to Play

In order to celebrate the Basketball World Cup in Spain, icehole games has created a special mini game that lets players take control of their favorite national team and try to win the Gold. World Cup 2014 version features this season's tournament Format and the correct Groups, Stadiums, Matches and Rosters for all National Teams that participate in the 2014 World Cup in Spain.

The Swiss Army Knife of Board and Party Games for Android.

Gamer's Army knife is the Swiss Army Knife of board and party games for Android. It includes the following board game tools: dice roller, coin flipper, card picker, spinner, who's first, stopwatch, hourglass, random number generator and score keeper.

Heroes of Newerth Team Announces HoN Tour Season 3, eSports Plinko

The Heroes of Newerth team today announced that beginning July 26, Newerth will kick-off its biggest eSports event of the year, Hontour: Season 3. Over the course of seven months the campaign will pit some of the finest amateur and pro players in the world against one another as they duke it out for a continuously growing $70,000 prize pool.

'Tap Star: Cycling Tour' a Global Multiplayer Tournament on IOS and Android!

As the world watches events unfold in Tour de France 2014, the world can play together and shape events in the Tap Star: Cycling Tour tournament! In the game players get the chance to represent one of the 22 competing teams. Together with their team members they can help their team lift the cup at the climax of the tournament. Tap Star: Cycling Tour is available now for both iOS and Android.

'Tap Star: World Soccer' Kicks Off a Global Multiplayer Tournament for FREE on IOS and Android!

As the world watches events unfold in Brazil, the world can play together and shape events in the Tap Star World Soccer tournament! In the game players get the chance to represent one of the 32 competing nations. Together with their team members they can help their country lift the cup at the climax of the tournament on the 13th of July. Tap Star: World Soccer is free and available now for both iOS & Android.

Upcoming Game Developer Launches Brand New Game

After the successful launch of two other games on the Android as well as the iOS platform, a leading game developer, Paul Etienne Studios, has announced the launch of a brand new game, Miner Trail. The new game features a character that is about to lose his job from the mines.

Awem Releases Cradle of Empires for IOS Devices

Awem Games, the developer of such titles as Cradle Of Rome 1-2, Golden Trails 1-3, Letters from Nowhere 1-2, and other casual games and mobile apps, announces the official world wide release of Cradle of Empires for iOS devices. The application is now distributed for free and available on the App Store worldwide.