Technology and Computers: NanoTechnology Press Releases

New Non-Contact Current Probes Target Advanced Power Designs

Power Electronic Measurements (PEM) has launched its latest generation of Rogowski coils for non-contact current measurement, designed specifically for monitoring today's most advanced power systems and semiconductors. The new CWT Ultra-mini probe offers higher maximum frequency and increased stability over a wider operating temperature range.

Nanotechnology Market Forecast to 2014

RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, "Nanotechnology Market Forecast to 2014" to its report gallery. The report provides extensive research on the Global nanotechnology market.

Antenna Alignment System Launches in the UK Inaccurate Alignment of Antennas Might be a Thing of the Past

Accurate Antenna alignment is vital for telecommunications companies to provide mobile networks that deliver a reliable service and signal across the UK. With mobile usage ever expanding globally, current antennas need to be accurately aligned. Until recently this was a major issue with current Antenna alignment tools. The new innovative Antenna Alignment Tool is now available in the UK and providing a much needed solution to this problem. It is distributed by Antenna Alignment Systems based in the North of England.

iNanotube for iOS - Animated, Engaging Visualizations of Nanotechnology

Independent developer Peter Burke today announces iNanotube 1.1 for iOS, a graphical app that instructs users about the detailed atomic structure of carbon nanotubes, a new class of wires only a few atoms wide. Advanced 3D rendering algorithms provide detailed, animated renderings of their construction by rolling atomically thin sheets of carbon, graphene, into a nanotube, demonstrating and teaching their atomic structure. Burke is a professor of nanotechnology at the University of California.

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1GB MP4 Players - Do They Offer Just As Much Or More Than Other Popular Players?

The 1GB MP4 player is a great introduction to those who may not be too familiar with mp4 players. The name MP4 player is a marketing term for portable media players that comply with certain standards and formats. In short, the mp4 player will allow you to watch a visual format on your mp4 player. Not only will you be able to watch a video or movie in an mp4 format but you will still be able to listen to your favorite mp3 songs on most all mp4 players.

Nanotechnology in Energy Sector Set to Witness Massive Growth

With the use of nanotechnology in the energy sector for improvement of manufacturing processes, conversion, storage and energy saving, we anticipate that the market for nanotechnology in Energy Applications will climb to US$ 700 Million by 2013, at a CAGR of around 50% from 2010.

MarketsandMarkets - Global Smartphones Market Worth US$150.3 Billion by 2014

The global smartphones market is growing at a brisk pace, already accounting for 14% of the global mobile phone market. This high growth has been backed by rapid technology developments such as high-speed internet browsing, sophisticated personal and professional data management, and the evolution of 3G and 4G network technologies.

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