Technology and Computers: Robotics Press Releases

Optical Imaging Market Revenues Predicted to Reach $2.1bn in 2018

At present, the market of optical imaging is dominated by the OCT technology and it dominates a major share for its applications across medical segment e.g. ophthalmology, dentistry and cardiology, contributing over 65% of the market growth of the total optical imaging market.

Robotic Teachers in South Korea

Technology has taken a new turn in South Korea with the implementation of robotic English "teachers". It seems to be taken straight out of a science fiction novel, but to the students, this is no imaginary scenario. The robots were developed by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). The robots were sent to "21 elementary schools in the southeastern city of Daegu." This pilot project was "designed to nurture the nascent robot industry".

Robotunits Australia Unveils New Blog

Robotunits Australia, which is Australia's leading manufacturer of modular automation systems, has just unveiled a new blog. The blog will contain the latest news and developments on Robotunits modular automation systems, and also tips and tricks that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Automation Becomes Easy - KUKA Roboter GmbH at K 2010

At K 2010, the international flagship fair for the plastics industry, KUKA Roboter GmbH is presenting the new generation of shelf-mounted robots - the QUANTEC series - and the new KR C4 controller generation. In Hall 12, Booth C49, the technological leader from Augsburg is demonstrating how automation solutions for the plastics industry are becoming simpler, safer and more energy efficient.

Robotics: Enhancing The Human Way Of Life

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (Microsoft RDS, MRDS) is a Windows-based environment for robot control and simulation. It is aimed at academic, hobbyist, and commercial developers and handles a wide variety of robot hardware.

Automation 2010

Automation 2010, the trade show showcases new innovations & solutions for vast industry segment comprising of Refining, Petrochemicals, chemicals, Polyester, Power, Life sciences, Food & Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas businesses, Steel and Mining and other process industries, Terminal automation, Tank farm automation, Retail outlet automation.

Punk Sciense!? - Punk-Loving Robots Pogo For Science

The machines Created by a collaboration of artists and scientists, have been designed to fall in love with punk. The robot has learned to recognise and appreciate the patterns of sound in punk music(within 30 seconds) and take pride of place in the mosh pit at festival Neurotic. The more punk it believes the song is, the more it pogos in a "happy and frenzied way...

TORC Awarded Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Contract for Autonomous Path Planning

TORC Technologies ( announced today that it was awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to research and develop new path planning algorithms for use in dynamic and unstructured environments. Leveraging their existing experience in developing autonomous vehicle solutions, TORC will develop new autonomous path planning technology that increases the capability and reliability of autonomous vehicles.

Nyhm Warcraft Guides - A Window to the 'World of Warcraft'

'Nyhm Warcraft Guides' are a collection of 4 guides/e-books by the author Nyhm in .pdf format that allows the reader gain expertise in solving the intricacies of the various stages of the 'World of Warcraft' online computer game.

Amrel's $5 Million Robot Ocu Contract

AMREL, developer and manufacturer of rugged mobile computer solutions, announces a $5 million extension of its contract with Applied Geo Technologies (AGT). AMREL supplies the Operator Control Units (OCU) for AGT's MARCbot.

RobotShop is Mutating

The world's leading source for domestic and professional robot technology rethinks online shopping with a new web interface, redesigned corporate brand and optimized logistics processing.