Technology and Computers: Security Press Releases

Falcongaze Explores The Market In East Asia

Falcongaze Company strengthens its market position in East Asia. The path of further development of this promising region begins with a partnership with South Korean company Hanvit Si Inc. Hanvit Si has more than ten years of experience in information security, performs network analysis, provides customers with effective software solutions and delivers quality consulting and after-sales service. As part of its activities, the company focuses on building strong relationship with business partners abroad.

SecureTower 5.7: Ergonomic Interface, New Tools For Data Transmission Control And Unique Reports

Falcongaze announces a new version of the SecureTower software, designed for confidential data leakage prevention, monitoring of staff activity, as well as comprehensive protection of business against internal threats. The tools allowing to ensure reliable preservation of information assets, get even more detailed information about the workflows and protect the business from the effects of the crisis have been added to SecureTower 5.7.

McDonald's Uses NFC for Mobile Payment Services to Improve the Efficiency in a More Convenient Way

Recently, it is said that McDonald's is going to use NFC for mobile payment services in order to improve the efficiency of payment in a more convenient way. With the accelerating development of the economy and the improvement of the living standard, using NFC plays a vital role in the modern market. Actually, DAILY RFID, a well-known professional company, has made a great achievement of manufacturing all kinds of products including readers and tags with NFC function for five years. And all of them enjoy great popularity among the famous global enterprises and individuals.

RFID Key Fob Increases the Efficiency and Strengthens the Security With Low Cost

Recently, the professional manufacturer DAILY RFID has unveiled a kind of bright RFID Key Fob for the sake of catering for the huge market demand and improving the access control management level. DAILY RFID provides the powerful technical support to manufacture all kinds of outstanding products for people to improve their lives step by step.

Condition Zebra And EzyAvantus Announce Strategic Training Partnership

Condition Zebra, a global IT Security Risk Management solution provider, announces international strategic partnership with EZY AVANTUS, the leading IT Security training provider in APAC, offering further training and development opportunities to help businesses in the APAC region improve the skills and performance of their IT personnel as well as strengthen the data security within the organization.

DAILY RFID Releases RFID LED Wristband With Bluetooth Function

Catering to the needs of customers, DAILY RFID recently develops RFID LED Wristband with upgrading functions and well design. DAILY RFID is committed to offering high quality products with the backing of advanced technology and standardized production process all the time.

NFC Wristbands- Ideal High-Tech Products for Access Control and Security

Catering to the needs of customers, DAILY RFID recently develops NFC wristbands with upgrading functions and design, which continuously offers high quality products with the backing of advanced technology and standardized production process. Taking HF NFC Wristbands for instance, they belong to waterproof wristbands embedded with an RFID transponder and work on 13.

Access Control RFID Reader Assures the Continuing Safety for Man Management

Recently, as access control RFID reader designed by DAILY RFID gains recognition and success, the monthly sales grow at an increasingly rapid rate. The success owes to DAILY RFID's fluent working process and the standard of reliable product quality, which has unceasingly attracted worldwide customers with high technical support.