Bruce Lee's "Great Grandson" Shows Ordinary People How To Defend Themselves Against Criminals, Rapists And Other Cold-Blooded Predators On The Street

Chicago, IL (PressExposure) February 11, 2007 -- Did you know you should never use your hands or feet in a fight? Or that you can repel most criminals with a simple mirror? Or that you can fend off armed attackers with a cup of water?

According to Chicago self defense expert Matt Numrich, one of the world's few certified teachers of Bruce Lee's "Jeet Kune Do" and the Filipino martial arts, these are little-known ways to win violent street-fights -- even if you're small, inexperienced or out-of-shape.

Numrich's message is simple:

"If you know just a few of these easy-to-use self defense principles, you can take down bigger, meaner and more aggressive attackers in five seconds or less."

And now, as a community service, Numrich has decided to teach these techniques in a free online self defense lesson.

Some of the self defense secrets in this lesson include:

* How to quickly take down an attacker with a gun pointed at your chest. * What to do if you're stuck in the middle of a mob attack with nowhere to run. * How to avoid "freezing up" in a fight...even if you're scared, surprised or outnumbered. * How to "violence-proof" your child from bullies, pedophiles and predators. * Why you should never use mace (and what you should use instead.) * How to disarm a knife-wielding maniac...with the top of your head. * How to use your fingertips to cause blinding pain to anyone who pins you to the ground.

About Elite Defense Systems

Matt Numrich was used as a public media resource following the 9/11 terrorist attacks and is
a great interview. For more information about this free self defense lesson, call Matt at 1-877-337-1877 or visit []

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