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Nashville, TN (PressExposure) May 03, 2009 -- There’s a new name in the community of ADHD awareness and it is Bryan Hutchinson. He is quickly becoming one of the most well-known people in the online blogger and social network mental health community for ADHD. He is the author of two books about life with ADHD featuring real-life examples of how to cope with ADHD and overcome the mistakes of the past.

Bryan Hutchinson’s blog has grown to be one of the most popular blogs about life with ADHD on the internet. In the summer of 2008, he was one of the first bloggers to discuss the unique circumstances of Michael Phelps’s ADHD condition and his adjustment of achieving success from the Olympics. By utilizing the ADHD trait of Hyper-Focusing, ADHD actually became an asset to Mr. Phelps while other “normal” athletes were unable to achieve the same success unless artificial means are used.

Bryan’s writing is unique in that he discusses ways that ADHD can be of benefit and how positive thinking with proper treatment can lead people with ADHD to do great things and become successful. He is one of the only bloggers on the internet to put Paris Hilton’s situation with ADD into perspective. When she went to jail, Hutchison was able to provide understanding to others regarding her behavior within the context of ADHD. He boldly defended Paris Hilton while others clearly judged her behavior without understanding of the challenges of ADHD.

“We draw attention to ourselves.” Bryan writes in his post about Paris Hilton. “We are magnets when it comes to attention. Hey, it’s one of the biggest reasons for our medication—to help us calm down, stop acting out and stop drawing attention to ourselves or those around us.” He went on the write “ADD is not an excuse. Let’s get that straight. ADD is not an excuse, BUT, it is a reason for many of the things we do. If it was not a reason, well, then, I guess it wouldn’t be considered a disorder. Right?” The Paris Hilton community latched on to Bryan’s article immediately and fan sites featured it. There was finally an explanation for what Paris Hilton talked about on Larry King concerning being diagnosed with ADD.

Bryan Hutchinson’s writing about his experiences with ADHD from his distinctive perspective has become a beacon for Adults suffering from ADHD; he has also attracted parents, doctors, educators and fellow authors to his messages of hope and positive thinking with regard to ADHD. Nancy Ratey, the author of The Disorganized Mind and wife of John Ratey, MD who authored Spark, says Bryan’s writing is “Insightful, positive, motivational - most of all: inspiring and helpful.” She also became a member of Bryan Hutchinson’s ADDer World Social Network.

Bryan Hutchinson tells us that he started to receive so many emails from the ADHD community that he decided to start a Social Network for his readers and anyone concerned about ADHD, to help him connect with them and for them to connect with each other. The Social Network is , since starting the ADDer World Social Network it has attracted a wide variety of people connected to ADHD, to include instantly recognizable names, such as: Author Nancy Ratey, Dr. Lara Hones-Webb, and Keath Low of, author Gina Pera and many others. ADDer World has also been featured in the national syndicated magazine for ADHD ADDitude Magazine and on the website.

Bryan Hutchinson is originally from Sacramento, California and now lives with his wife in Germany, while working for the U.S. Department of Defense in support of our troops via the U.S. Army and Air Force non-profit retail organization. Hutchison has been awarded the Superior Accomplishment Award and the Commanding General’s coin of Excellence directly from the Commanding General. Bryan was born in a U.S. Military Hospital on Travis Air Force Base, in California. Bryan Hutchinson is the author of “One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir” and the forth coming book “The Brilliant Reality of ADHD”.

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