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Manchester, UK United Kingdom (PressExposure) October 19, 2006 -- Wouldn't it be nice if you had thousands of websites, promoting your products, or affiliate sites and you were getting tons of high quality, highly targeted traffic to those pages ?

It sure would wouldn't It ?
But unfortunately It's No-where Close To That Easy

I am here today hoping that I am not making a big mistake by telling you about this amazing new Virtual real estate Builder which i have spent the few Months building and testing.

After struggling with the decision on whether or not to share this tool with anyone else, I found Myself so overwhelmed with what I and my team of programmers had created that we' were quite honestly having a hard time keeping it to ourselves

You see, the fact of the matter is... this new Virtual Internet Empire Building system is so powerful, yet so easy to use that originally after creating it and using it with our web sites for the past few months, we had decided there was absolutely no way we were going to share it on a large scale. We're still not. Keep reading to see what we mean

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not sharing this big secret because I'm the type of person that just needs recognition from large numbers of people to feel good about what I've done. I have just decided it would be selfish of me not to share this with a small group of fellow internet marketers. Hey I'm a capitalist, just like you. You would not be reading this if that last statement wasn't true. I admit it, I am in this game to try to make a few bucks. ssshhh, that's our little secret.

When I first discovered this new technology, I was so filled with anticipation of what was to come, I just could not sleep.

I first discussed this idea with a few of my internet marketing friends.

While most all of these people asked not to be named here, I can tell you some of them are the biggest internet marketers that you have never heard of.

You may never have heard of these guys because they are the kind of people that are making so much money on the net that they do not dare make themselves known.

They are smart enough to fly under the radar so to speak

You won't find these guys speaking at all the big seminars or hanging out in the internet marketing forums, for fear of someone figuring out what they are doing and trying to duplicate it.

Heck, these are my friends and usually I don't even know most of what they have going on... I also know not to ask...

A few others are some of the big name internet marketing "Gurus" that already have huge email lists and tons of their own money making ideas.

You know the type. a twice a month tele-seminar marketer with an email list that could sink a ship.

You would recognize most of their names if you have attended any of the big internet marketing seminars lately, or keep up on all the new internet marketing software and e-books that come out on a regular basis.

Well let me tell you here and now, forget the same old same old e-books and video tutorials that keep you on line for over an hour and then give a one line tip that you already probably knew anyway.

While both of these types of internet marketers have a lot of different ideas about marketing on the internet and would rarely agree with each others marketing ideas, if any of them were sharing their ideas.

They All Agreed On This.

Do Not tell anyone about this incredible Virtual Internet Empires Building system. It's just way too powerful, let's just keep this one to ourselves

Well darn it....why should we be so secretative....there are more than enough niches on the internet to keep everyone busy for years to come.

SO I'm spilling the beans. Yep, you read that correctly.

At risk of upsetting some of my buddies, people I highly respect, I am going against their advice and sharing this insanely powerful Virtual Internet Empire system with a select few people...

but only if you qualify

Quote from Mike Barcus

Hi Geoff,
I just wanted to tell you how much I love Virtual Internet Empires. This is definitely the easiest script to install that I've ever seen, the installation utility makes it a snap. I simply entered my user information and walked away, about an hour later I received an email telling me the script had been successfully installed.

What really impressed me though was the control panel. I really like the way you have context sensitive help buttons in each section and the built in user manual is second to none. You've left nothing to the imagination, any questions I had were answered immediately just by clicking one of the help buttons.

The included templates look great and you've provided a great selection of layouts. Not only do I have some nice looking keyword pages, but I'm also looking forward to a nice passive income from the built-in Adsense, Amazon, and Banner advertisements which are available in the upgraded systems which I decided to buy after seeing the potential from your Free Version which you gave me for evaluation.

Another nice feature is the follow-up emails that you've been sending with "tips and tricks" to make the most of the new pages.

I've only been using the script a couple of days, and today when I checked all of my first group of web-pages had been indexed by Yahoo and MSN. When I checked my web logs I saw that my main site has been getting spidered more than usually so it appears that my Virtual internet Empire not only builds some great web pages, but they are laser targeted to the keywords around which I built them and are working already.

Once I get all of my Virtual Internet Empire pages set up for my main web sites, I plan on setting up more for the affiliate programs and Niches I am promoting and researching.

Thanks Geoff, for creating a fantastic script, you've got a top notch product.

I highly recommend Virtual Internet Empires to anyone who is looking for the opportunity to build a nice passive income.

Mike Barcus


Once you put my system in place, you could start earning money from your Virtual Real Estate sometimes in as little as a few days, depending on your niche.. The best part is that once you turn it on... it absolutely runs on 100% auto-pilot!

YES... You can actually make money while you sleep,

you can make money while you're at the movies, while you're on vacation, you name it.... You'll be making money on a constant basis all without lifting a finger once you have taken the first initial steps to get this amazing system up and running! So What's The Big Secret?

Well up until now, this technology has been something that ONLY the top money earners on the internet knew about.

But Now I'm going to share the secret. But not only am I going to share the secret, I am going to automate the secret for you also.

I have created a system that will allow you to build your own Virtual Internet Empire on your domain to not only promote your own products , any affiliate programs you may wish to promote, and any Niche you may wish to dominate as well.

You will be able to Build as many webpages as you wish and your sales are going to jump by rates you never imagined possible! (assuming of course that you actually have a product that people want!! But don't worry if you have not got one yet...we can fix that for you too !!)

You can use this system promote your own products, or to sell affiliate products, or sell any niche products that you may wish to promote by simply using this easy to use application tool.

OK OK. so what is this big secret?


And as an added bonus, Our system will also Literally Drive Tons of Laser Targeted Visitors to Your Web site Everyday... At No Cost To You.

And... Still Make You A Boat Load Of Money Even If Not One Of Those Visitors Actually Buy Your Product!

Let us explain a little bit about how it works

Virtual Internet Empires incorporates a keyword research tool that will automatically search for every keyword possibility that has been searched for on the internet that includes your main keyword.....

As an example, if your product keyword is something like "toner" you would enter this keyword into the system and it will find all of the more specific "keyword" terms ever searched for that included the word "toner". In a test search we did, we found 596 different keyword combinations for "toner". Click here to see the list.

Virtual Internet Empires Automatic Web page building system will then automatically create a separate webpage for each of these laser targeted keywords.

So now instead of having to rely only on the few web pages currently in your site to bring you search engine traffic for only generalized keyword terms (the same terms everyone else is optimizing their pages for), you can now have your Virtual Internet Empires webpage Builder create thousands of separate webpage's, each highly optimized for only 1 specific targeted "keyword" phrase!

You will have a separate Keyword page for every sub-keyword possibility for what ever product you may be trying to sell. Think That Will Bring You Some Extra business? You Can Bet The Farm On It.

Another option for you would be to spend thousands of dollars to have a Search Engine Optimization company try to set up a few pages on your site for your specific keywords, or your could spend months building a few hundred pages manually.

The problem with this is that search engines change all the time and this could be money wasted before the your hand pages are even indexed by the major search engines.

With our system you will be able to easily create thousands of different web pages, all automatically with only few minutes of work, which our easy-to-use system will walk you through.

Each of these thousands of pages will be laser targeted for search engine placement under the special "keyword" each individual page has been specially created to rank for.

If you are trying to use "Search Engine Optimization Techniques" to set up pages that will rank well for the same terms that every other company in your related field are also setting up their pages for, it's common sense that you can't all rank on the top of the search engine for the same keywords.

BUT... If you created thousands of pages for different, more targeted "sub-keywords' like, "canon e-40 toner cartridge" instead of just "toner" you will have a much better shot at having a large number of these pages rank in the top 10 than by using the broader keyword terms.

We all know that if you are not in the top 20, you may as well not even be in the search engine. With our system, you will have thousands of top ranking pages listed highly in your chosen niche, in no time flat...

There are tons of programs on the market that create Doorway Pages, Smart Pages, Cloaking Pages, Flash Forwarding Pages... the list goes on and on....

With all of these systems, it's only a matter of time until you May be permanently banned from the search engines...why ? because they all fall down in the way they produce just a few templates that the search engines very quickly pick up on.....

What Makes Virtual Internet Empires Different?

Virtual Internet Empires Creates Thousands Of Laser Targeted Pages In A Very Short Period Of Time. You will be able to create an amazing number of pages with our very easy to use interface with minimal effort on your part.

Before we perfected this system, we used to create these pages by hand. While that still gave us a ton of traffic, it took an enormous amount of time to create these pages. We now receive many thousand more targeted hits every day -- all due to this system.

Virtual Internet Empires Uses Top Quality Content On All The Pages It Creates! Our system is not just creating a bunch of keyword rich pages that are going to automatically forward the traffic that arrives at them to your main web or affiliate link. They will actually provide good quality content that will not be banned by search engines.

You will also have the ability to add RSS feeds for dynamic up-to-date content. This is content taken from other information service web pages and inserted into your web pages automatically. Search engines love this type of content because every time a search engine spider visits your site, there will always be new content.

Virtual Internet Empires Pages Are Fully Customizable! One of the big reasons the major search engines BAN most of the pages created by a lot of the other programs is that they all look and act the same. The search engines quickly pick up the pattern and ban them........... However, Virtual Internet Empires pages are fully customizable including the amount and type of content placed on them ensuring your template pages will be unique.

There Are 10 Templates You Can Choose From. And to go a few steps further, you can select the colors of those templates from a huge range of colors, plus you can easily add up to 3 images on each of the pages to ensure that your pages will be unique from anyone else using our system.

In Short, Virtual Internet Empires WebPage Building System Will Automatically Create Tens Of Thousands 0f High Ranking Web Pages For You, To Promote Your Own Products, Products You Sell As An Affiliate, or any Niche products you wish to promote.

When a visitor first finds your Keyword Targeted Page in a search engine, they will be presented with some content about your product, along with multiple links to be able to find out more information about your product (all of which go to your sites main page through a direct or affiliate link).

It will also give them multiple links to your competitors' products! I know that sounds strange to be promoting your competitors' products, but hang with me here. This is part of what makes your pages rank so well....

If your visitor clicks to go directly to your product, then great.. your objective has been completed, But. One of the things your template pages will do to ensure a high ranking is also promote the top search engine ranked pages of your competitors for every sub-keyword combination you are promoting.

The reason for this is... if you take just a little tiny bit of each of the top ranked pages for any given search term and place some of their content on your page with a link back to their page, guess what that does for your ranking! You got it... it shoots you right to the top!

Now you may be thinking, what if they buy that other product and not mine.... Well we thought of that one we built our system so that YOU get the benefit of the link ....but we made it so that the link is not they may see the link... But we set it up so the competitor links can not be clicked on at all!. .Clever Eh!!

Your product is prominently placed on the top of the page, while all of these other products (the ones that help your page to rank well in the search engines!) are smaller and towards the bottom.

Lastly, even if your visitor does not even click on any of the links to go to your main product or affiliate product... guess what... they are still going to get your intended page, whether they like it or not!

You see, you can set your intended page to automatically load either on the visitors entrance or exit of your Template Page, so one way or another, regardless of if your visitor actually clicks on your pages main link or not, they are still going to see your page and see your pitch!

And You Can Still Make A Boat Load Of Money Even If Not One Of Those Visitors Actually Buy Your Product

In the Professional version of Virtual Internet Empires which will be available to you soon, we have built in the option to add Google AdSense links and PayPerClick links to your Keyword pages --- featuring two different major players in the PPC industry.

Anytime one of your visitors clicks one on these links, you could make up to $5.00 per click depending on the type of product the page is promoting.

While most of these clicks will net you in the .10 to .20 cent range, some are much higher.

Now that may not sound like a lot, but in testing this system over the past few months, we have used this type of search engine marketing to create over 1 million laser targeted keyword pages.

While 75% of these pages are not even indexed in the search engines yet the pages that are listed have been generating between 50,000 and 60,000 hits per day which is creating a Google AdSense revenue that you could buy a house with!

And that's not even talking about the direct product and affiliate sales we're getting all due to these super-targeted search engine pages and the Tons of Targeted Traffic those pages are creating....

So there you have it, finally, a system that actually works is available to create your own incredible laser targeted

The new income possibilities are endless... At this point you may be asking your self.... How can I Buy it.... And how much does this incredible WebPage Generating Machine Going to cost ?

Well, for a very limited time "Virtual Internet Empires" is not for sale at any price...Yep... you heard correctly....


For a very limited time you can get a copy of Virtual Internet Empires at absolutely no charge to you!

But there is a catch... To qualify to try an advance release copy of Virtual Internet Empires, you must agree to provide us with your honest opinion and testimonial about how Virtual Internet Empires has helped your web business.

Now we do not want a sugar coated version -- as this is a Band new Program, if you do not like it, tell us. This way we can make the changes you would like to see in the next version. This will make it even better as we know we will get some great feedback from you on the current version.

While you must be thinking right now we have to be "Totally Insane" to be offering you a free copy of this incredibly powerful "Virtual Internet Empires Money Machine" that should easily be selling for over $ 297.00, possibly even $ 397.00, we can tell you this... It will not be Free for long, so get your copy now... The feedback we will be getting from you about this product will be worth a fortune to us and that information is our motivation... that, and there's one last catch......

To continue using your complimentary version of Virtual Internet Empires, you have to agree to stay subscribed to our monthly newsletter. Sure, you can unsubscribe at anytime but the second you do, you also stop receiving the monthly user name/password to continue using your version Of Virtual Internet Empires...

Now you may think giving you a free copy of Virtual Internet Empires is a heck of a bribe on our part just to get your opinion on our new system and to get you to subscribe to a newsletter that will give you so many money making ideas every month that we should be charging you to subscribe to it anyway...

But we think it's smart marketing.

The feedback we get from you about this incredible system will be invaluable to us, not to mention when you see how awesome this system is, I feel confident you will be getting out your wallet and begging me to take your money the next time we release a product of this caliber...

This is a limited time offer...

If you get to the next page and find out that all the free copies ofVirtual Internet Empires are gone, then we are sorry... better luck next time.

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