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Sandy, Utah (PressExposure) October 29, 2009 -- TimeForce has put together a technological solution for tracking employee time that solves the multitude of problems associated with traditional time clocks. With payroll software interfaces coupled with a biometric time clock, businesses are saving money through the elimination of payroll errors and a decreased time theft. One business saved $300,000 in their first year using a TimeForce solution.

The savings begins with a baseline through the use of traditional time clocks, which essentially tracks employees’ time through a system of a time stamp on a punch card. The problems with this system are many and include two major drawbacks. The first drawback is that employees traditionally ‘buddy punch’ or perform favors for fellow employees by punching them in and out when they are actually not at work. Oftentimes this comes with a phone call when one employee is late to work calls a fellow employee to punch them in on time. Extended lunches and leaving work early also falls into this category with similar results for the business. The accumulated amount, which is essentially a form of theft, can be significant.

The second major drawback is that supervisors, managers, and owners cannot readily check and verify employee time. This is partly due to a lack of convenience since the information may be stored in one or several physical locations. In addition the poor presentation of information cannot easily be viewed as a whole because the employee’s time is kept on a separate card and may require some calculation. Combined with the potential inaccuracies from buddy punching, which requires timely or fortuitous circumstances to catch, supervisors, managers and owners are at a distinct disadvantage.

The integrity increases with the introduction of a biometric time clock. Biometric time clocks eliminate buddy punching because they are based on biological differences among individuals, which makes it impossible for one peer to punch in or out for another. In other words, the employee must physically be present in order to clock in or out of the system. Naturally, TimeForce has solutions for a distributed workforce that works for businesses that do not fit the standard time clock model.

The time and attendance software that is associated with the TimeForce solution is customizable as well as accessible from remote locations via Internet connections. Managing the employee clock becomes much more efficient and effective with the ability to instantly pull employee time information and have it displayed in a more usable format. This makes it easy to monitor and understand the coverage of an area as well as convenient to track and verify specific business processes.

The software is compatible with many third party payroll systems, which makes payroll much more streamlined. In addition, the TimeForce solutions have been deployed at over 35,000 businesses saving the business significant amounts of unnecessary expense.

Although time and attendance is one of the basic components of business, it can be a source of loss for businesses. TimeForce has spent over a decade in research and development in order to replace the employee clock with a biometric time clock solution that integrates with time and attendance software for increased accuracy and the greater manageability of employee time and attendance. TimeForce is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality employee clocks that integrate with their software solution as well as third party payroll systems to give supervisors, managers, and owners efficient access to employee time and attendance information.

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About TimeForce: TimeForce helps businesses reduce manage time and attendance with a biometric time clock solution. The employee clocks are combined with exceptional time and attendance software for a fully integrated solution. TimeForce has high quality time clocks that may be deployed reliably in a wide variety of businesses. Businesses are increasing efficiency and productivity by turning to TimeForce for the effective management of employee time.

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