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Sandy, Utah (PressExposure) October 04, 2009 -- Sandy, Utah October 4, 2009 – TimeForce helped a business save over $300,000 in the first year by reducing time theft and eliminating payroll errors. Through the integration of biometric time clock technology and payroll software interfaces, TimeForce has helped tens of thousands of businesses manage their time and attendance more effectively. The results are numerous.

Historically, many businesses have employed the use of manual time clocks in order to track the time and attendance of their employees. This process entailed the daily punching in and punching out of employees on timecards, which would then be collected and manually submitted to payroll. For the business, this process opens up the door for errors as well as buddy punching, which occurs when fellow employees cheat the clock by punching in or out their peers when they are not in attendance. This ultimately costs the business money.

With the advancements of modern technology, TimeForce has been able to arrive at a solution that electronically tracks time and attendance with greater accuracy, reliability and ease. As a result, the the comparison to traditional punch cards as archaic and clumsy as punch card computers are to today’s modern computers. Through a decade of research and development combined with customer feedback, TimeForce has arrived at both a hardware and software solution that not only increases efficiency, but also increases the precision of tracking workforce time and attendance.

TimeForce systems are used and trusted by base of over 35,000 businesses ranging from single to multiple location deployments. The software’s ability to provide extensive standard and customized reporting in real-time has allowed businesses to not only increase savings, but also gain real-time information access to supervisors, managers, and owners from remote locations. The result is a tighter understanding and awareness of the business.

A value added feature includes an unlimited number of user-defined schedules, which makes both consistent and varying scheduling easy and accurate. In addition, the job costing module takes the guess work out of cost analysis and allows managers and business owners to make decisions on consistent and reliable information.

Biometrics is a growing area of study and is used increasingly in the business world. Essentially, biometrics captures biological phenomena and by means of statistical analysis, which can uniquely identify an individual for a wide variety of purposes. As a result, the biometric employee clock has essentially eliminated the risk of individuals colluding and trying to cheat the clock. In order to punch in or out for work, a biometric time clock requires, and therefore ensures, that that the physical person was present in order to capture the information. Naturally there are circumstances where it may not be feasible for an individual to have access to the Biometric time clock. TimeForce has equally elegant solutions for these situations as well as a functionality that allows for assigned supervisor or managers restricted access to the system in order to make corrections.

The wide-range of time clocks and its integration with third party payroll management systems makes TimeForce’s solutions easily tailored to businesses with even the most demanding workforces. Pay policy customization, multiple overtime categories and user-defined shift differentials gives a business the ability to deploy and enforce their policies and procedures seamlessly and error free. TimeForce offers an online demonstration that provides a venue for businesses to determine the value for themselves. Small, medium and large businesses are moving away from the old and unreliable employee clock systems and finding great value in biometrics and a tightly integrated real-time reporting system designed specifically for time and attendance.

About TimeForce: TimeForce replaces the traditional employee clock with efficient and effective time and attendance software that is second-to-none. TimeForce is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of a first-rate series of time clocks appropriate for a variety of businesses. Their reliable solutions have brought efficiency and integrity back into the workforce, which is why more businesses trust their workforce with Timeforce.

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