BusyBeeManager Makes Online Employee Scheduling Easy

Pullman, VT (PressExposure) September 15, 2009 -- BusyBeeManager is a web application that functions as an online employee scheduling tool. BusyBeeManager allows business owners and managers to automatically give shift assignments to employees based on staffing needs and employee availability, with designated schedules being always available on the internet. BusyBeeManager functions by providing managers with their company's weekly work schedule.

Although shifts can be assigned manually, a so-called "auto-assign" feature allows the generation of an optimal schedule. With this feature, the automatic assignment of shifts may be used on the basis of certain rules, such as the number of hours required of each employee, the employee's days of vacation and the employee's availability. Shifts can also be added with respect to staffing needs. In other words, the application allows the allotment of shifts as well as the sorting out of days and hours assigned to every individual's work contract.

Since weekly staffing needs tend to be similar, the application allows the creation of a weekly template where company scheduling can leverage from. Schedules can then be saved, and the same template can be used for assigning schedules of new employees. The schedules assigned by the owner or manager are made available online and can be printed for posting or sent directly to employees through e-mail. Employees are given a username and a password in order to access schedules as assigned by their managers or as auto-assigned by the BusyBeeManager application. Schedules are kept secure because although employees with log-in IDs can access them, they cannot edit these schedules. In the absence of a username and a password, the manager or owner may still send the schedule through the employee's email address.

BusyBeeManager claims to "cut employee scheduling time by 90%", allowing owners to focus on other important tasks such as selling and creating value. BusyBeeManager offers three kinds of pricing plans to its clients: the Plus Plan, the Basic Plan and the Free Plan. It offers a 30-day free trial to customers who sign up for a paying plan. All three pricing plans have the following features: automatic generation of schedules, template-based staffing needs, the publishing of a schedule which can be sent through email or printed out and the scheduling of up to 15 employees with two job roles available.

The major difference among the plans lies in the number of employees and their corresponding roles which can be included in the schedule. The Basic Plan starts at $10/month with payments made through PAYPAL only.

Many small enterprises are composed of part-time workers that have different shifting schedules. With this comes the need to cut down cost on administrative tasks, among which, employee scheduling is of utmost importance, BusyBeeManager offers an alternative solution to additional staff employment that allows the flexible management of employees' schedules based on their specific needs and contracts.

The application is easy to use and a step by step procedure is provided through a video clip on the BusyBeeManager website.

About BusyBeeManager

BusyBeeManager is a web application that deals with employee scheduling made specially for owners of small businesses like shops, convenience stores, kiosks, cafes and bars. With the tagline ‘Online Scheduling has never been this Easy’, the product aims to save scheduling time and money with its user-friendly application. It provides easily accessible and updated schedules online. The company’s website is http://www.busybeemanager.com/

Partner and Co-Founder: R. Houlind
Email: info@busybeemanager.com
Cell phone no. +45 22685859

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