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, UK United Kingdom (PressExposure) June 17, 2009 -- The computer desktop versus laptops in the technology world is no big news to anyone. However no one can reach a considerable conclusion as both devices have their own pros and cons.

The most common benefit of a laptop against a desktop computer is obviously portability and weight; however computer desktops can surely defeat any laptop in terms of power, upgradeability and life-span.

Whatever you are looking for, you should really know what you are specifically looking for and Shoplaptop have come up with some important tips to consider when purchasing a new laptop to suit your needs and requirements.


If you are always on the go, you must definitely opt for a laptop computer. Writers, students and other businessmen prefer to use a laptop because of its absolute portable advantage over desktop computers.

Many people are under the impression that laptops are super expensive and out of budget. Yet at ShopLaptop, customers can by cheap laptops across a wide range of styles, makes and models.

Save Money on Your Purchase

When buying a laptop or a desktop computer, try to assess what you really need. Do you need something for your gaming needs? Are you looking for a system solely for your work? Do you need something for gaming and working? Gaming computers are more likely to cost more than conventional work-use computers.However, there you can surely save more money by buying one system that can answer both of your needs than two separate computers for each need.

Coping with the Computer Terms

Every year, computer accessories and components are developed, which brings about more confusion to the non-techies.

Before buying a computer system, be sure you know any basic term that is used in the computer world. Terms like RAM, GB or gigabyte, DVD/RW, motherboard, etc. are important. This can make you a lot harder to [spin] dupe by computer salesman, which happens a lot to non-techies.

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The promotion of laptop deals across one website allows customers the leisure of looking for the best deal without being hassled by sales assistants in larger technological stores, and the convenience of it all being in one location instead of a variation of websites.

Through this, Shop Laptop provides customers the opportunity to save time and money searching for a laptop to suit their requirements and needs.

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Advice and support is the key

Established in 2003, Shop Laptop provides unbiased and unrivalled advice on the best laptop deals on the market.

The site allows users to browse the website for free knowing that the advice they are receiving is unbiased and that the customer is being put first.

The website also offers a variety of articles and advice across a wide range of queries people have when buying a laptop.

Advice about colour, style, makes and features make this site a valid port call when finding the best laptop deal.

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