CCTV India MJPEG Compression DVMR Works Best with Slow Computers

Ahmedabad, Gujarat India (PressExposure) May 17, 2011 -- CCTV India, a leading supplier for video security surveillance system in the country, deals in various type of Digital Video Recorder (DVRs). MJPEG compression DVMR are also available for clients. Normally, clients having a slow server make use of this system. This compression leads to lower CPU usages but higher file sizes. It is ideal for slower computers.

An MJPEG compression DVMR is a step ahead of JPEG format. It follows the same procedure for compressing images. However, it also adds other stuff in streaming each image or frame together. Hence, at the end, the file size gets higher but lesser space is utilized by the CPU. It is the best for videos in slower computers. It works better in such computers as compared to other compression formats.

A high profile company executive states, "We get clients with varying infrastructure. One application may not suit all. Those who have a slower system voluntarily opt for the MJPEG compression DVMR. If our clients are not aware of the type that would be best for them, we advise them to take this type, after considering their infrastructure."

Another senior company official remarks, "The best thing about CCTV India is that it provides system that is suitable to clients belonging to all strata. No type of infrastructure is a problem to our products! This will ensure that we attract a large number of clients. MJPEG compression DVMR is a step in this direction. It will help in capturing a segment of the market that makes of slower applications."

CCTV India is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It has been present in the market since a very long time. Its MJPEG compression DVMR is available all throughout the country. We have other compression DVRs for better compatibility and quality image with lesser size. This particular format of compression is the most suitable for slow computers as per the company.

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CCTV India is affiliated to Aditech Infotech Pvt. Ltd. It is a leading Information Technology (IT) company in India and deals in various devices useful to the security industry.

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