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Marikina City, Philippines (PressExposure) January 11, 2010 -- The use CMS applications is one of the most popular trends in today's web development industry. The popularity of the use of CMS applications, or Content Management Systems, were greatly popularized at first by use in an enterprise which is known today as ECM or Enterprise Content Management.

An enterprise content management (ECM) system is concerned with content, documents, details and records related to the organizational processes of an enterprise. The purpose is to manage the organization's unstructured information content, with all its diversity of format and location. However, according to several Web design Philippines consultants, the idea of an ECM application was then applied for web applications which to make it easier to control and edit every elements found in a website through a single application. This is known today as WCMS or Web Content Management System.

Web Content Management System Advantages And Capabilities Web Content Management System or WCMS, or sometimes called Web CMS, is a type of CMS application mainly used for web development. Similar to ECM, WCMS applications are used to manage as well as control a large, dynamic collection of Web elements, from text contents to images. It's main advantage is to facilitate web contents, from creation of content to editing, without the required skills associated with website creation.

Majority of popular WCMS applications used today provides authoring (and other) tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of programming languages or markup languages to create and manage content with relative ease. Templates used for the website, however, may still involve the use of skills in web development.

Common Capabilities Although the number of WCMS applications available in the market today have steadily grown in the past years, from paid licenses to free software licenses, its main capabilities and functions are still provided from software to software. Popular capabilities of WCMS applications today include:

Easy Editing of Content - One of the most popular capability of every WCMS in the market today is its easy editing of contents. This is usually made easier once the content has been separated from the presentation. Most WCMS software includes WYSIWYG editing tools allowing non-technical individuals to create and edit content. Flexibility in Features - Most popular WCMS today offers plugins and add-ons to extend a WCMS' feature from its original capabilities. One popular example is with the use of Joomla! and its plugins like the Joomsef.

Continues Updates to conform to new Web Standards - Almost all WCMS available today provide's continues updates to conform with Web Standards. Workflow Management - This capability is to easily monitor the workflow of every users using a WCMS. For example, a content creator can submit a story, but it is not published until the copy editor cleans it up and the editor-in-chief approves it.

Delegation - Some CMS software allows for various user groups to have limited privileges over specific content on the website, spreading out the responsibility of content management. Management of Documents - CMS software may provide a means of managing the life cycle of a document from initial creation time, through revisions, publication, archive, and document destruction. Virtualization of Contents - CMS software may provide a means of allowing each user to work within a virtual copy of the entire Web site, document set, and/or code base.

Popular Usage in Internet Marketing The use of WCMS applications today were greatly used in the past for easy editing and control of elements found in a website. However, the use of such applications became more popular through several online or internet marketing strategies. One example is through SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popularly used internet marketing strategies used throughout in the market today. The strategy is part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) that makes use of search engines (eg. Google, Yahoo!, MSN) to target specific customers to visit their websites.

Methods used by SEO consultants are mainly based around the changes made within a website, particularly in content as well as with several of its codes. According to several SEO Philippines consultants, because of a WCMS' capabilities to make it easier for people with little knowledge of programming languages or markup languages to create and manage content with relative ease, SEO consultants can easily make changes within a website without having to ask a web designer or developer to make those changes.

WCMS with SEO Capabilities Although most WCMS can be used for SEO purposes, several of these applications were updated as well as added a feature that would tackle on the usual issues pertaining to SEO. Popular example is Joomla!'s JoomSEF plugin.

ARTIO JoomSEF is a SEO component for Joomla! Content Management System that rewrites URLs to be Search Engine Friendly (SEF) and to be human easily understandable. It works with multilingual sites by integrating JoomFish component support. According to several SEO Philippines consultants, it enables users full customization of wide-range of meta tags for any URL of the website and works with both Apache HTTP Server and IIS.

Capabilities of JoomSEF includes: Rewriting original Joomla! URLs to be Search Engine Friendly and human understandable; Provides wide range of editable meta tags for any URL in your Joomla!; Offers fully customizable URLs; Helps in handling 301 redirects; as well as a plug-in system in which to easily add more extensions for your components.

Other than Joomla! and its JoomSEF plugin, MODx is also a popular WCMS used specifically for SEO. Although MODx doesn't support plugins, its features does include a complete control of all metadata and URL structure for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. Other popular WCMS applications used for SEO include WordPress, Drupal, and SilverStripe. Visit for more info.

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