CTI's CaviGulation System, a Breakthrough Technology for the Water Purification Industry

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Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CTI) (OTC Bulletin Board: CVAT; Berlin: WTC) is pleased to announce that the CaviGulation system offers essentially complete disinfection (up 99.999 %) by killing bacteria and viruses. The system is primarily designed for physico-chemical reactions used in water treatment. CaviGulation is a complex process with a multitude of mechanisms operating synergistically to remove pollutants from the water.

The effectiveness of CaviGulation technology is 1000-fold over conventional systems and allows the complete elimination (by complete photo-chemical oxidation) of all micro-organisms (including spores), viruses and protozoa.

As a result of not having access to clean, safe water, millions of people, in developing countries in particular, die every year from a variety of waterborne diseases, sadly the vast majority of who are children. Chemically and/or microbiologically contaminated water kills people. Around the world, humans suffer more from microbiological contamination than they do from chemical contamination. A safe water supply and effective disinfection contributes greatly to our high quality of life and to our overall good health and well-being. We are proud of the fact that the technologies we are developing at CTI have the potential to address the water and energy concerns we face worldwide.

Over past decades, numerous outbursts of disease affected populations caused by the presence of pathogens of protozoa etiology in potable water have been observed in different regions of our planet. Among these diseases, lambliasis and cryptosporidiosis should be mentioned first of all. The watery diarrhea is the major symptom of these diseases. It is noteworthy that cysts of lamblii and cryptosporidium oocysts possess more pronounced resistance to the action of disinfecting agents such as chlorine and ozone conventionally employed at waterworks as compared with bacteria and viruses. Hence, the transfer of the pathogenic organisms in point most often occurs through the potable water satisfying qualifying standards with respect to coliform bacteria. One of the main reasons behind the pollution of water sources with pathogenic organisms responsible for intestinal protozoa is the discharge of raw or of insufficiently purified waters. Therefore, the investigations directed to the development of effective methods of disinfection of natural waters and sewage relating to lamblia cysts and cryptosporidium oocysts are really topical.

In the course of water treatment by CTI reactors directly inside the body of the reactor, short-living vapor-gaseous cavities are generated in water. These cavities arrive at a moment of local decompression and then close with a microburst upon the compression of water on microinhomogenieties inside the volume of the unit body with a frequency of several tens kHz. Due to the local sharp changes in pressure and temperature in the treated water, the pathogenic microflora is completely destroyed. In addition, active chemical radicals and hydrogen peroxide are formed. In the course of this process, fungi spores and bacteria serve as the aforementioned microinhomogenieties and thus become treatment targets. Moreover, the action of hydrodynamic cavitation in the volume of a liquid under treatment brings about the process of the volume degassing, that is, the appearance of multiple microscopic air bubbles.

CTI's reactor is a mechanical device which operates primarily on the principles of kinetic energy, chemical equilibrium, electro chemical principles and controlled hydrodynamic cavitation. The reactor's multi chambers create tremendous force that causes molecules to collide in the hyper kinetic zone. The intense zone of energy causes high temperatures and pressures with sufficient energy to affect the equilibrium of chemical equations of molecules. Microorganisms are typically incapable of surviving and mineral bonds in water are broken as they pass through the system. This force of energy destroys the microbial cell. Bacteria are eradicated by the combination of synergic action pressure, vacuum, kinetic impact, electrical field, hydrodynamic cavitation and sonic waves.

About Cavitation Technologies

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CTI); (OTC Bulletin Board: CVAT); is a "Green-Tech" company, established in 2006 to become a world leader in the development of new cutting edge technologies for the vegetable oil refining, renewable fuel, petroleum, water treatment, wastewater sanitation, food and beverage, and chemical industries. For additional information please visit: http://www.cavitationtechnologies.com

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