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London, UK United Kingdom (PressExposure) March 12, 2012 -- Curriculum vitae (CV) derives directly from the Latin and means 'the course of one's life', and put simply, that is what it is. When you write a CV you need to detail your past in a short and logical manor, which is directly relevant to your desired future. This point is key, and when writing, it is important to have your end point in mind. Every section of one's CV should appear as a prerequisite for the role for which you are applying. This can be a tricky concept to manage if your past roles are not directly related to your next desired step. In these circumstances it is best to consult and expert on CV writing and careers.

Here we will look at some of the fundamentals and give you some of the knowledge to write and amazing CV. Research conducted for Adducology, a careers consultancy, has identified several essential areas to focus on when planning and writing. The first we will look at is relevance. A CV or resume must be relevant to the role for which you are applying, and as such it is advisable to adapt your writing style and content for each and every role for which you apply. Peter Denis, a senior consultant at Adducology with a long career in Project Management says, 'nine out of ten CVs which he reviews are completely out of date and written for a role for which the person is not applying', he goes on to detail the fact that most people don't like writing about themselves. To write about oneself is hard enough and when you are affectively trying to sell yourself to an employer it can be even harder. Most people prefer to list achievements without trying to sell their worth and this is the second major mistake when CV writing.

The third of our top three problems with resume writing is poor English skills. Poorly placed grammar, a spelling mistake or bad structure can have a serious affect on how the CV is perceived by the reader. Studies have shown that even if your qualifications and experience is right for the job a couple of mistakes on a CV can cost you your opportunity for an interview. This relationship is experiential when measured with the number of applications. So what can be done? Well it is always worth getting a second opinion, although it is often hard to find someone who is both non-biased and has experience in your line of work. A good starting point would be the consultants at Adducology, they all have significant experience in industry and have hired for themselves. These consultants can help to create a targeted and well written CV that has all the attributes and includes all the necessary content to secure you a top interview.

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