Cal NutraSciences (CNI) Develops Core4 System & Announces the Release of Mr G as Paul Gravette

Carlsbad, CA (PressExposure) February 09, 2009 -- The Core4 Diet System Secret is out. The world now knows the masterminds behind the new Dieter's Dream Weight Loss Program offered by Cal NutraSciences (CNI). Word has it... that this project has been 30 years in the making, started by a passion to change the weight loss industry.

The names of the company owners were the buzz on the internet. Who are they? Well today the secret was revealed and the guessing game is over. Eric Higgens has just announced Mr. G as the famous Paul Gravette and Mr. X as the well known Ray Grimm. The announcement could not have come at a better time. CalNutraSciences (CNI) has now made the Core4 Products available to the public and anyone can Order Core4 from an Independent Rep of CNI.

So what is Core4? Core 4 is the brainchild of these two famous men and their brilliant collaboration team of doctors and scientist to bring to the world the Only Core Nutrient Fusion System - designed to increase fat burning, weight loss and increase energy. Core4 is specifically designed to focus on the Abdomen or the Stomach area of the body.

Core 4 was created to bring the weight loss industry to a new level. A new epic journey into the 21st century. It has a bar none weight loss system that gives you over all wellness and fitness. A unique delivery system this will make losing weight easy to achieve.

There are four revolutionary components with Core4 that contribute to the fat burning process. The products are Accelerate, Lean, Cheat, Flush. Each has their own unique properties that make this a one of a kind never seen before easy to use weight loss system.

Accelerate is the Starting off the nutrient fusion process is one the four amazing components called Accelerate. This is the leader in starting the fat burning process called thermo-genesis . It causes your metabolism to increase and therefore the pounds begin to melt away. You start to heat up the excess calories and release them. Imagine what happens as those calories are burned away and the your start reaching your new goal weight.

Lean is one of the discoveries made by CNI that has really made it so easy to want to lose weight. Lean has the breakthrough power of amino acids in each serving. A delicious and great tasting vanilla smoothie. A sinfully rich drink You definitely don't feel like you are on a diet when you are drinking one of them. Smooth tasting. Reduces cravings for food.

Flush is one of Core4 scientific components that has a detoxifying fat burning property. This product extracts toxins and pollutants from your body. Flush can restore your energy and improve your digestion.Why not flush away the calories and pounds? Flush helps support weight loss. It improves your absorption of supplements. It is completely organic and offers a gentle effective colon cleanse which is easy on your digestive system.

What is Cheat? You are not going to believe how this works. Cheat is a food additive that reduces a whopping 25 % of the calories by just sprinkling it on your food. It is tasteless and yet very effective. Amazing huh... Well guess what there is such a product called CHEAT.

The New Core4 Diet Program also comes complete with a business opportunity where you can actually make money by telling others about this incredible way to Lose Weight. Imagine... Getting Paid to Lose Weight. The opportunity is huge as we all know that being over-weight is a big concern in today's society and currently a Billion Dollar Industry as we look at leaders in the weight loss world like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet and many more. One of the most watched TV Shows is "The Biggest Loser" - If you want to help people lose weight and make money doing that, then Core4 is an excellent opportunity.

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About Cal Nutrasciences (cni) Core4 Weight Loss System

Cal NutraSciences (CNI) will Revolutionize the Weight Loss Industry with the New Core4 Diet System. The famous Paul Gravette (Mr G) & the well known Paul Grimm (Mr X) have spent many years putting together a product that anyone can lose weight without starving your body from food. The Science of Nutrient Fusion and a product that focuses on the Core Part of the body that most people struggle with (The Stomach Area). They are so sure the results will be amazing that they know you will want to tells others, so to make it even more attractive... they will pay YOU to actually tell others about Core4 and have them try the diet that helped you lose weight.

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