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East Arlington, TX (PressExposure) September 07, 2009 -- Giving away free things has always been a good public relations strategy. For most companies, "giveaways" are the perfect chance to improve their company image to the public and their employees.

One of the best investments that companies use for their giveaways is calendar printing. A print calendar has many advantages that make it a good giveaway item for public relations. That is why many corporations try as much as possible to create the best calendar printing designs for their employee packages and event presentation or press release kits.

Why calendars? So the first question that you may ask is why print calendars? A company can choose from many other giveaways. There are things like brochures, catalogs, bookmarks and notepads, which can do the same job as advertising and public relations but with a fraction of the cost and design effort. This may be true to a degree, but calendar printing presents companies with the option for a whole year's worth of exposure and advertising. Only a company that specializes in custom calendars can perform this unique tactic.

In addition, since calendars are useful the whole year around people has a high chance of keeping it in their homes and offices. Those other print mediums can sometimes be considered junk and eventually are forgotten as the days go by. Calendars on the other hand are still useful for the whole year. People can mark dates with it, anticipate special events and of course organize their schedules by the use of calendars. Therefore, besides being a year around advertising poster, it is also a nice planning tool, as well that people will not easily think of throwing away.

Who to give them to? The next question that you may probably have is about the target audience. To whom exactly will you give your corporate calendars? Well, the simple answer would be to everyone. However, for more a specific and strategic answer, you have three major markets for your custom calendars. These are your own employees, your customers and your clients.

Your employees of course will find the company calendar very useful. They can use it in their workstations, or they can use it at home as well. Company calendars can give employees a nice sense of pride for their company since the calendar should represent the company image and its corporate philosophy.

You can also benefit from your corporate calendars by giving them to your customers. Since calendars are very useful around the office or at home, there is an increased chance that people will get your corporate giveaway and NOT throw it away like many other printed advertising materials. They shall find it very useful while you in turn deliver your corporate message to them in their own houses.

Clients are also a good market for calendars. You calendars can be your vehicle in communicating your corporate message, while impressing them with your images and professionally made calendar layout. It can act as a business card, press kit and brochure all in one, which can help you gain that client or business contact.

How to make them? So, with all those benefits you should now be asking about how to make them. Well there are many ways to do this, but the easiest one should be to hire an online calendar printing service. These services should usually have calendar templates, which can choose from and customize. Afterwards, you can just send your design and your payment electronically via the Internet. Within a few days, you should get your custom company calendars and you will be ready to utilize them to your advantage. Just make sure that you pick the best design and layout that you see that matches your company image.

All in all calendars are one of the most useful tools out there for a corporate giveaway. You can give them to almost anyone, and you can retool the calendar for different uses and people. So print calendars now for your corporate giveaway, you will not be disappointed.

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