Calling Your Prospects WILL Increase Your Lead Conversion Ratio

Calgary, Canada (PressExposure) March 15, 2011 -- Why do I Say Potential Partner vs Prospect?

Calling people "prospects" implies your prospective partners are just another means for you to use to achieve your objectives. People will pick up on this even though you might not be aware of it.

Your words are the extension of your thoughts and they create an energy you carry with you and that people intuitively tune into. If you want to create relationships with potential partners, then what you say matters.

Keep in Mind when Calling

One vital point to keep in mind when calling your potential partner (lead) is: Do Not Pitch Your MLM Business Opportunity The point of your call is to find out more about them. It is all about them, NOT you. Do this properly and you will build trust and a solid relationship with your potential partners because you are not just another salesman trying to make a sale. You will also be able to weed out the tire kickers. You want to only spend time with people who are serious about building their business.

When your potential partners see how much you value them, they will feel appreciated and be more open to listen to any solution you may have to their problems. In turn, you will be able to increase your conversion ratio. Remember, they responded to your website and requested your help, not the other way around.

The Initial Contact

Use Your Potential Partner's Name Often. The sweetest sound to a human being's ear is the sound of their own name.

Start the conversation by saying:

Hello (prospect's first name), this is (your first name) and I am getting back to you. You had requested some information from my website about how to successfully build a home base business.

(Prospect first name), I am calling to see how things are going for you in your MLM company and see if there is anything I can do to help.

What you want to do is to get your prospective partner to talk about them. Find out where they are on their journey.

Start asking question, such as:
* So (Prospect), do you have any experience in the network marketing industry?
* How long have you been in the industry?
* What business are you promoting?
* How have your results been up to this point?

Again, use their name often and do not pitch your business.

Keep Initial Contact to 5 - 10 Minutes Maximum

You are a successful business owner and your time is extremely valuable. Even if you feel a connection with your lead after 10 minutes, say something like..."I would love to hear more about your experience, however, I am in the process of calling potential partners that has requested my help. Why not go back to (your lead capture domain), review the website and get a better feel of what we do here. You can call me with any additional questions.

Also, be sure to look out for some webinar invitations from me on a weekly basis. We provide the best marketing training on the plant from 7-figure master marketer. It was a pleasure meeting you and I'll see you on the inside."

The Follow-up Call

You must paint a picture for your potential partner. Find out what it is that is hurting them the most...

* Is it the fact that they have run out of people to talk to?
* Are they tired of using replicated websites that simply Do Not Work?
* Are they tired of struggling to generate leads?
* Do they hate their primary company?

Who knows, you might get a sign up in your primary right on the spot. Either way, whatever is the most painful detail of their business, you must be able to paint a picture and provide the solution their #1 problem. Really listen to what they're saying and focus... NO DISTRACTIONS. Over time you will learn to hear not just what they are saying, but what they are feeling.

When you paint that beautiful picture for your potential partner and you show that you are the solution to all of his/her problems, that you hold the key to the kingdom, here's what will happen...

* you just gained a new friendship
* a sign up in your marketing system
* a great shot at some serious affiliate commissions, and
* a soon-to-be distributor in your MLM business.

This is where the critical part of painting the picture comes in. Be sure to inspire them.

It's really that Simple!

How to Answer Some of Your Lead's Questions

Your potential partner will also be sizing you up and may have a few questions of their own. Here are examples on how to answer some of those questions.

Q: What is your primary business?
A: Go ahead and tell them. This is your opportunity to talk about your primary because they asked. Just remember, do not pitch your business.

Q: How many people do you have in your downline and how successful are they?
A: You cannot compare your potential success by how others are progressing. Everyone is different depending on their level of commitment to their business.

Q: How many leads are you generating and what is the conversion rate of those leads?
A: Again, you cannot compare how many leads you will produce by how many leads others are generating and converting. Ultimately, you will need to call your potential partners to produce a higher conversion rate. Stay in control of the conversation. Show your potential partner that you are a leader and can show them the way to success.

Become an expert in this process and your potential partners will learn how to know, like and trust you and you will get people to ask about your primary MLM company with credit card in hand ready to join whatever you tell them to.

Welcome to the Big Leagues. Now start calling your potential partners today!

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