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Centennial, CO (PressExposure) September 03, 2009 -- People that carry the Calpal calorie counter are much more likely to lose weight than the online calorie counters. Having a small device on your person through-out the day is proving to be much more successful in the battle against the bulge.

“I have tried online calorie counters and it wasn’t accurate enough for me to really monitor my caloric intake and burn during the day. At the end of a busy day, I can hardly remember my name, let alone the food I consumed. When I purchased my Calpal calorie counter and carried it with me, it became a habit to input the calories of each item, before I ate it. As the day progresses, it allows me to monitor how close I am to exceeding my calorie total for my body weight etcetera, and within the first two months of use, I have lost over 20 pounds and feel great. I really think twice, before eating sweets or fried foods. One trip through a drive through can really add up quick.” Ron P, CA says.

When Wade Morrison designed the Calpal calorie counter, he not only wanted a small device for people to carry with them in order for them to stay faithful to their calorie monitoring, but he also made it affordable for everyone to use. Some units cost in the hundreds, but right now he offering two for the price of one at only $19.99, plus shipping and handling.

Ron P. goes on, “The Calpal calorie counter is so simple to use and I don’t have to log anything into a notebook and then calculate it on the internet. I start each day with the 24 hour calorie countdown mode, which is exclusive to Calpal. I enter the total number of calories I can consume each day, for my bodyweight and then subtract the calories I eat, as I eat them during the day. This is a constant reminder for me. If I throw down a stack of pancakes with syrup, eggs, bacon and hash-browns at breakfast, I guess I better ration the rest of day. I don’t plan on doing that, but you get the idea.”

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