Calorie Counting Can Be a Tedious Process For Most People

Centennial, CO (PressExposure) September 30, 2009 -- Calorie counting has been somewhat of a hassle for most people that really want to lose weight. There are several different calorie counters for people to choose from. There are the online calorie counters, the calorie counting daily diaries, and the expensive, plug-in-to-the-computer calorie counters.

“With the Calpal digital calorie tracker, calorie counting has never been easier for me. I have tried the online methods and frankly, I don’t have the time or the patience, after work to sit in front of my computer and try to remember all the food I ate during the day. Also, it is hard for me to carry around a pen and a notebook to write down all my various calorie numbers.” Frank says.

He continues, “In the morning I put my Calpal digital calorie tracker in my pocket and carry it with me every day. Before I eat something, I simple input the total number of calories the food item contains and whala, I know if I am reaching my total number of calories allowed for that day. I typically use the Calpal 24 Calorie Countdown method, and it simply subtracts the calorie totals as I enter them. This gives me a fighting chance to eat less calories than I burn each day and I have been losing weight ever since.”

Calorie counting doesn’t have to be difficult. With the Calpal digital calorie tracker, as Frank stated, is small enough to carry with you and all a person has to do is input the total number of calories something contains, before they eat it. No more sitting in front of the computer at night, no more writing down a daily diary, and no more breaking the bank account to purchase one.

For more information and to learn the proper methods to calorie counting, please visit Calpal’s website at today.

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