Calorie Counting Is Your One-Way Ticket To Weight Loss

Centennial, CO (PressExposure) October 01, 2009 -- Calorie Counting is simply the practice of counting and totaling all the calories that a person eats within a typical 24 hour day. Science proves that eating fewer calories than a person eats per 24 hour cycle, they will lose weight.

The Calpal calorie counter makes the practice of calorie counting very easy. The Calpal device is about the size of a small pack of gum and is very easy to carry in your pocket, purse or even clip on your clothing. With the Calpal calorie counter on your person, it is a constant reminder for you to enter your total number of calories before you eat them.

Most people eat the same foods regularly, so calorie counting will become a very easy way of maintaining and losing weight. Using the Calpal calorie counter on a daily basis and entering in the total number of calories certain food items contain makes a person remember those totals, thus making the calorie counting practice easier every day.

“After a couple of months using my Calpal calorie counter, it was easy for me to just input the total calories of the food I was eating without having to look at labels, because I had them embedded in my mind. This process of calorie counting is becoming easier and easier every day. I have also started eliminating a lot of bad food choices. I really haven’t felt this great in several years.” Kimberly S. states with a smile.

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