Calpal Calorie Counter is a Person's Weight Loss Answer

Centennial, CO (PressExposure) September 22, 2009 -- Losing weight is as simple as mathematics 101. If you eat more calories than you burn during a twenty four hour day, you will gain weight. If you burn more calories than you eat during a twenty four hour day, you will lose weight.

“I purchased the Calpal calorie counter as my last resort. I was getting very frustrated with my weight loss ventures. I have tried every fad diet, pills, potions, and the list goes on, only to gain the weight back and then some. You have heard it over and over again from so many people, so this is just another story to add to the list. I started working out almost four days per week and although I feel better, I wasn’t at my ideal weight. This forced me to look at my diet and narrow down the reasons why I was simply not changing the way I wanted to.” Greg P. Co. says.

He continues, “I made it a habit to carry my Calpal calorie counter in my pocket every single day. Just like when you put your keys in your pocket, that’s where my Calpal calorie counter went as well. Before I eat anything, I make sure to input the total calories into my Calpal and it subtracts from my total allowed calories for the day. It is an ongoing counter informing me when I am getting close to exceeding those total calories; it keeps my in check. Two month’s later using the Calpal calorie counter, I have lost an amazing fifteen pounds and now people are noticing.”

The best part about using the Calpal calorie counter is that you can lose weight every 24 hours by simply eating fewer calories than your body can burn. This is the calorie deficit concept to weight loss and it’s the same way many professional athletes manage their weight.

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