Canon Releases a Brand New Rebel - Canon Rebel T3i/600D

Woodstock, GA (PressExposure) March 08, 2011 -- As of Feb 11, 2011, the Canon Rebel T3i/600D is available from digital camera retailers everywhere.

This new Rebel is a full-featured camera. There is now less difference between entry-level digital SLR cameras and those at the mid-level. This new Rebel will be replacing the older model, the Canon Rebel T2i/550D.

The image sensor, an 18-megapixel CMOS, plus the DIGIC 4 processor are identical to the ones featured in the T2i. Because of this, the T3i is guaranteed to deliver excellent image quality. It was true of the former model, and it is true of the new one.

Even though some things are the same, Canon has added some other things that will be very exciting for new buyers, particularly those who have never owned a digital SLR camera in the past.

The Canon T3i is an entry-level digital SLR camera. It is one of the series of sub-$1000 cameras in the Rebel line that began with the original Rebel 300D. However, these cameras have changed dramatically since that first Rebel was released.

Now, the design and features have advanced light years, and, with the most recent release, they will most likely suit those who are familiar with some of the more advanced point and shoot cameras. Engineering has improved the advanced compact models as well as adding the same features to the entry-level model.

Why Upgrade From A Point and Shoot Model?

There are two really good reasons to buy a Canon Rebel T3i after owning a point and shoot camera.

One good excuse for getting a better camera is to get better image quality. The image sensor of a Canon Rebel T3i is much larger than that of a point and shoot camera. If you buy a point and shoot camera with an 18-megapixel image sensor, it will still not produce the same image quality because everything is dependent upon the size of the sensor. Digital SLR images are far superior to point and shoot images.

The ability to change lenses is a second reason to get a new digital SLRcamera. Digitla SLRs and lenses work together to produce great images. One is not more important than the other. The simple fact that you can change lenses gives you much more flexibility and capability to produce quality images. There are so many more options when you can change the lens.

One of the most compelling reasons to get the Canon Rebel T3i is that every EF or EF-S lens will work on it.

These are two excellent reasons to get a new digital SLR camera like the Canon Rebel, but there is more.

There is now a movable LCD panel on the T3i. This is a flip-out screen that makes it possible to take photos from difficult angles, even positions where you cannot visibly see your subject, such as over the neighbor's hedge. Plus, now you can take some self-portraits that were not possible before because you can rotate the LCD screen 180° to see your beautiful mug before pressing the shutter button.

About Canon Rebel T3i/600D

Canon Rebel T3i/600D is designed for new photographers in the digital SLR community. Click here ==> Canon Rebel T3i Camera for more info.

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