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Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) May 06, 2007 -- A sampling of Carmen J. Day as a inspirational and motivational speaker is as follows:

Quite often, we are faced with raging, non-forgiven storms, how do we handle the fierce winds, the buckets of rain, the road that becomes so blurred that to see strains our perception? Life Coach, Carmen J. Day of Wealth4U shares one of her real life experience.

How do we get to our destination when the odds appear to be against us? About a year ago, I was faced with a storm in the most literal sense. While in Ohio on a multiple seminar assignment, my mission was to travel from Akron, Ohio to Toledo, Ohio to my next class which to begin at 7:30 AM the following morning, thirty-five people expected my arrival.

While in Akron, I stopped to visit my daughter and children for a brief visit, and left around 9:00PM for my two an half hour drive to Toledo. Although, I have never taken the drive before, I was confident that my directions from Map quest were accurate.

Shortly after I began my trip, lightning shrieked across the horizon. The pronounced contrast against the night sky reminded me of home... About 20 minutes later, buckets on rain began to pour, blinding flashes of lightening continued, accompanied with roaring claps, of thunder and winds that were at least 50 miles per hour. As the lightening danced across the sky, and the bolts were so close it made it virtually impossible to see beyond the nose of the car. In a short distance, I could see many funnels of clouds that had formed which appeared to be tornados in the direction of my destination. As my windshield wipers began to screech while they struggled to fight against the rain, I was confronted with making some choices.

Do I pull over or keep going?

I saw many cars, trucks and vehicles that had done so, yet that was very interesting, as I discovered later several that had were hit from the rear as many suffered vision distortion during the storm.

What is truth, my choice to stay in Akron after I had finished my last seminar was made out of love to see my family while visiting their city, my choice to do the seminars were made out of compassion for those who have committed to attend. There was no other choice to make but to continue onward!

There was another decision that had to be made...what am I choosing to feel while experiencing this situation?

Early on, I knew that through the storm, and through the rain, the one thing I can depend on, was God's word...peace was all I could feel; calm right action was all that can be done. I was forging ahead with certainty, deliberation and confidence. I began to sing the song that I was taught and lead in my childhood church. "Through it all...Through it all...I've learned to depend on...I've learned to trust in God"

FEAR was NOT an option.

As while I forged ahead with my directions from map quest to the Hilton hotel in Toledo with only the brief flashes of lightening to see the small type. Large delivery trucks loomed on the freeway kicking up rain the hit the windshield so hard and so fierce that their were moments in which I could not see a thing as the windshield wipers fought to clear my view. I began to understand clearly during that experience what PEACE really was all about. I understood what FAITH really felt like; and I appreciated the application of intense FOCUS meant and what can be accomplished.

The drive took about 3 hours...just outside Toledo, about 20 miles from my destination; I called the hotel for directions to their location. The young man who answered the phone was named Robert. He was clearly in panic mode, "He told me that I would not be able to come near the hotel, that the road that leads into the property was flooded and the waters were at car door levels. He also mentioned the hotel was full.

I remember thinking after I thanked him and hung up, he just does not understand, that I will be there. I began to visualize and say mentally and verbally, "I will get there", "I arrive safely and I am grateful", "My bed awaits me" "I am resting peacefully, right now in my bed, in the room that is reserved for me." I could see the room, feel the bed...and the warmth of the bedding...YES, I AM there!

About 20 minutes later, I called the hotel again, and an angel named Sue answered, she was calm and confident....she safely guided me to the hotel...there was no flooding and I slept peacefully in my bed that night.

What do you do whilst in the storms of life...keep your PEACE, keep your FAITH, and keep your FOCUS. Affirm the truth...say your desire...forge ahead, anyway! Then the angels with the face of God, the love of God and the gift of God will lead you the rest of the way home:-)

Motivational and Inspirational Speaker Carmen J. Day, is an expert author, Radio show talk host and creator of Wealth4U in Spirit Talk that airs live on Carmen assists many in unleashing their creative inner powers for wealth attainment, by using the Law of Attraction and other behavior modification strategies she focuses on the inner to outer manifestation of peace, joy and monetary wealth.

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