Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief - How Muscles and Trigger Points Affect Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

Flat Rock, MI (PressExposure) January 06, 2009 -- Muscles can develop "trigger points" which "fire" or "trigger" pain into other parts of our bodies, sometimes at a far distance. Identifying these trigger points is an important part of relieving carpal tunnel symptoms.

Many things contribute to hand and wrist pain, including poor posture. A tender area may or may not be a trigger point but, if it is, it could trigger symptoms on other parts of the body and even in the hand. It is important that the correct trigger points be located and correctly treated to relieve pain.

Kathryn Merrow has created a complete program to teach carpal tunnel sufferers how to release the muscles that commonly cause symptoms. The program also explains how to find a massage therapist who can help with the uncommon cure for carpal tunnel pain relief. Information on this program can be found on her website.

Kathryn said, "If you are wondering how your medical team could have overlooked the muscles in your neck, chest and back as possible causes of your symptoms, the answer is that most doctors know very little about the roles of muscles and soft tissues in pain syndromes." Because this is not taught in medical school, many of the pain symptoms are misdiagnosed and not treated properly.

Anyone suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome pain deserves to feel better. Kathryn Merrow has dedicated herself to finding the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome and helps those suffering with pain find relief. She has discovered that carpal tunnel syndrome has several causes and most involve the muscles and the entire body.

Taking action to correct the causes of carpal tunnel pain can provide natural relief without the necessity of medication or surgery. "Ýou deserve to feel better and you have a smart body," says Kathryn Merrow. "Your body just needs a little help from you. That is why I wrote the Uncommon Cure For Carpal Tunnel Pain and put this whole package together."

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Kathryn Merrow, author of the Uncommon Cure For Carpal Tunnel Pain, has been helping people become pain-free since 1992. Over the years as a neuromuscular massage therapist, she discovered many natural, logical ways to get rid of all types of pain, syndromes, symptoms and dysfunctions – including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. For more information on Uncommon Cure For Carpal Tunnel Pain and the complete self-help program, please visit

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