Cary NC Company Helps Green Product Manufacturers With No-Cost UL Design Assistance

Cary, NC (PressExposure) July 17, 2009 -- For many years, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) was usually associated with Product Safety testing, now this alternative will be something helpful for local companies. The CertifiGroup Green Initiative will help insure manufacturers and designers have every advantage in the marketplace, by assisting with design and safety compliance.

Many designers and manufacturers have to go back to the drawing board because the product safety regulations were not considered early on. When it’s time to submit the product for testing, this can cause months of delays, then re-testing and taking a chance at test failures. The difficulty is that companies like UL don’t offer any design assistance – they simply tell you if the product fails evaluation or testing, then you have to try and figure out how to go back and get it right. Sometimes this takes several attempts.

The solution to all testing laboratory difficulties is genuine assistance in the design or prototype phase or product development. This is where CertifiGroup comes in. This free service will assist our designers and manufacturers of energy-saving products, and help our communities and our world become more environmentally friendly.

“Our Engineering time is the most valuable commodity we have” Says Stephanie Flanigon, a Sr. Account Manger for CertifiGroup. “This free program is a service that’s difficult for designers and manufacturers to find”. For example, she says, many designers and manufacturers submit their products to the testing laboratory without knowing if it is designed and built to comply with national and international safety Standards, or if it will pass the rigorous testing products must be put through prior to certification. “Most testing lab customers could really use this help in the beginning, to avoid having to go back to the drawing board and delay the product getting to market”, says Flanigon.

In the normal course of business, CertifiGroup handles a wide variety of equipment and product certifications, everything from lighting products to medical equipment to explosive atmosphere industrial systems. These projects require experience in the array of Standards available, such as UL, CSA, ANSI, ASTM and NFPA Standards. “If the designer knows the Standard and how to build equipment to comply and pass testing, this process can go smoothly, sometimes going from submittal to certification in just a few weeks”, states Flanigon. “These two hour sessions can potentially save thousands of dollars and help avoid delays the make the differences between success and failure of a product, or even a company”.

CertifiGroup ( also provides UL certifications, and has assisted many manufacturers in selling products in the Western Hemisphere, Europe and worldwide.

Contact Certifigroup at 800-422-1651, or at to make an appointment for the free Green Design Assistance service.

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