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Salem, OR (PressExposure) October 30, 2011 -- The Love Solution Store is happy to announce the new line of pheromone cologne and perfumes for men and women. Few people truly understand the effects of pheromones on attraction between two people. In recent years, studies have indicated that the sensory system of the brain makes a connection based on how a person smells. Pheromones are the natural scents that the human body puts off when it meets another person.

If you are observant then you have probably noticed that people of all different races have a different and distinct scent. Some people fail to notice that others around them have a certain aroma, but this natural fragrance is what helps connect two people. The Love Solution Store has created several different scents for both men and women that are designed to enhance and compliment the natural scent a person has. Reading pheromone reviews can help a person select the right product. This is what the Love Solution Store can help with.

In the high-stress world of dating, finding your soul mate can seem impossible. You can increase your chances with Pheromax, Scent of Eros, Primal Instinct, Mistress or the other available scents from The Love Solution Store. By increasing your pheromones you are increasing your natural attraction to another person. People are able to connect on a deeper level with a person that their brain is telling them they are attracted to. Pheromones are the answer if you want to establish a true, lasting connection with a person that you cannot find anywhere else.

The science behind pheromones and how they relate to your connection with another person has been making waves through the love and news industry since 2001. The research and the available colognes and perfumes from The Love Solution Store have been discussed on ABC News for their success rates in helping two people establish a strong and lasting connection. While love is possible without the best best pheromones, you are guaranteed to find the relationship of your dreams with these products.

The reason why these items are so successful is because the human brain has a sensory division that is triggered by specific scents. This is similar to the way when you smell a certain food item, it reminds you of childhood days or some sort of event. The nose and brain connection triggers memories from all areas of your life, both good and bad. When a person's pheromones are appealing to you, your brain tells your body that this person is worth pursuing. For more information on pheromones and the available fragrances for men and women, visit [] today.

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