Celebrities Raise Voices For The Planet From Xel-Ha

Cancun, MI (PressExposure) October 20, 2008 -- Surrounded by the extraordinarily air of mysticism inspired by the Mayan legend of the Chacah Garden, celebrities Eric del Castillo, Lidia Avila, Maya Karuna, and Sergio Mayer took part in a thrilling ceremony to commemorate Tree Day, each planting their own Chacah, and uniting to give a common message so that society may join in the endeavor to preserve the environment, for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.

During her statement, on behalf of the board of directors of Xel-Ha and its employees, entrepreneur Carlos Constandse emphasised the impact of the movement begun in 2006 to sow awareness about the importance of caring for our planet's natural resources, and has been astonishingly well-embraced, as almost a hundred celebrities from all reaches of public life, music, the arts, sports, intellectuals, and public speakers in Mexico, have planted their tree in the Chacah Garden.

"Thanks to you and the media, each tree we plant today will be a living testimony that will help people's understanding of the essence of this movement: caring for the environment is everyone's responsibility, and everyone can contribute to reverting the deterioration that has been inflicted upon nature itself," said Constandse, while committing himself to the care of trees -"So that, with the passing of the years, the descendants of these public figures may witness the positive energy that their grandparents or great-grandparents planted at Xel-Ha, this Natural Wonder."

He remarked on how Xel-Ha had been awarded the National Acknowledgment for Residue Recycling, on behalf of the head of SEMARNAT, Juan Elvira, thanks to the efforts made in the Park's waste recollection centre. "From 1999 until last year we have rescued over 1000 tons of organic material, 135 tons of plastic, 127 tons of glass, 104 tons of paper and cardboard, and over 16 tons of metal."

Carlos Constandse commented on how Xel-Ha has been awarded the Socially Responsible Company acknowledgment given my the Mexican Centre for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) and its policy towards human development has earned it a place in the list of "The Best 100 Places to Work in Mexico", and "One of the Best 100 Companies to Work in Latin America."

Celebrities to have planted their tree in the Chacah Garden during these past three years include: Diana Bracho, Enrique Rocha, Guadalupe Loaeza, Carlos Monsivais, Enrique Guzman, Criss Angel, Jose Jose, Paulina Rubio, Eugenio Derbez, Roberto Gomez Bolaños, Hector Bonilla, Elena Poniatowska, Ricardo Montaner, Florinda Meza, Annette Michel, Xavier Lopez, Mimi, Juan Jose Origel, Maxime Woodside, Patricia Llaca, Reyli, and Adal Ramones.

From the world of sports, several figures have contributed to promoting awareness about the importance of caring for nature and the environment, including: Oleg Maskaev, Giovanni Dos Santos, Fernando Platas, Galia Moss, Manuel Youshimatz, Nancy Contreras, Luis Hernandez, Giancarlo Maldonado, Arturo Brizio, Valeri Liukin, Manuel Lopez, Mariano Trujillo, and Alain Nkong.

Mexico is one of the world's countries with the most severe deterioration of wooded areas, due to the excessive exploitation of its forests and the lack of a proper re-forestation culture. Due to this, the last decade has seen a worrying increase in floods around the country, since the lack of plant life prevents water from filtering properly into the earth, bringing about massive currents that instigate serious damage on their way to the sea.

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