Celestine Publishing Releases Newest Concordance - Principles with Promise: Especially for Catholics

Raleigh, NC (PressExposure) December 05, 2008 -- Celestine Publishing (www.celestinepublishing.com) announced the release of the fourth book in its series of new scriptural concordances. Principles with Promise: Especially for Catholics (http://www.lulu.com/content/2434633) in a succession of principle-centered topical guides planned for release. This vlume in the Principles with Promise series catalogues the doctrines, values, and teachings found in Old and New Testament books of the Catholic faith.

When its author, Vincent DiGirolamo was asked about this new book in the series, he commented, “This project will hopefully serve many purposes. The index alone will be revealing to both Catholic and Protestant denominations regarding the differences in accepted text. To my knowledge, there are no other concordances that organize scripture in this manner; a principle-centered topical guide. This series not only provides an easier way to locate favorite scriptures in a timelier manner when researching any topic, it identifies in purely scriptural terms many of the core tenets valued as truth.”

Principles with Promise: Especially for Catholics is ideal for use by anyone interested in a better understanding of the Catholic faith through the principles they live. This version contains a cross section of Catholic terminology with scriptural references and abbreviations from both Douay-Rheims and King James versions of scripture, perhaps bridging a gap in understanding for both Catholics and the rest of the Christian community. While the King James Version of scripture is not a primary source for Catholic seminary, it is an acceptable translation to the Catholic community and is also the roots of the Principles with Promise series for Christian faiths.

This edition provides a springboard into deeper understanding of multiple translations and the template for continued research into their faith. With this, Celestine Publishing plans to produce successive editions of this publication that will contain more of the Latin vulgate and authorized Catholic terminology and scripture. This is only the beginning of a new scriptural perspective that will continue to evolve with successive releases containing feedback from the various denominations of interest. Each volume in the Principles with Promise series organizes principles similarly by key words like a typical dictionary without regard to interpretation, practice or origin.

DiGirolamo went on to explain, “Principles with Promise also introduces an alternative technique for studying the scriptures. Though not an entirely new approach, it expands upon previous attempts by laying out the information in a fashion which provides the researcher with easier access to the desired data and in a manner that is more readily understood than many other concordances.”

Celestine Publishing will publish several other volumes in the Principles with Promise series in 2009; one of which will elaborate on an apparent natural organization of principle categories, types, and patterns. DiGirolamo further explained that Celestine Publishing is a non-denominational company with editors from a variety of religious backgrounds and forums provide excellent feedback and reviews as principles are catalogued from other texts considered holy writ from God and practiced by different religions.

“Again, I believe we are moving from the Information Age where access to information is unparalleled to any previous time in history, into a new age I call the Age of Enlightenment where people are becoming more interested in knowing what of all the information they have access to, is true?”

“And I believe we aught to start with true principles; those God given, unchanging, universal words of truth we value and incorporate in our daily walk, in order for us to gain a greater understanding of things as they really are and to become the men we aught to be. The Principles with Promise series continues to press forward in that direction,” concluded DiGirolamo.

For further information on the Principles with Promise series and other publications by Celestine Publishing, visit http://www.celestinepublishing.com or [http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=1660162]

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The Principles with Promise series continues to press forward in that direction," concluded DiGirolamo.

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