Cell Phone Conversation in Public - Why Not?

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) July 20, 2009 -- Cell phones have become an indispensable part of most of us now. They are not exclusive products of rich people. Every person can own one, even the low-income could get cheap, simple phones from wholesale mobile phone [http://www.actfind.com/categories/wholesale-Branded-Cell-Phones/], small retail and online websites. But how many of us pay attention on the etiquette of using such kind of convenient and high-end electronic gadgets?

When you talk loudly in public, do you care about others? Do other people feel annoyed or disturbed? What about your feeling when others do the same thing to you? Cell phone conversation in public is not only insecure, but also very impolite.

If you have to accept the call in public, end it as quickly as possible, especially while you pay your check/bill, draw money, shop with others, etc. You unintentionally waste others time, in the bad situation, you would be scolded by others. So when you use your phone in the pubic area:

Be cautious about others when you talk on your mobile phone in public. The intentional could eardrop your conversation - that might cause disturbance to your normal life. Plus, your phone is easily be stolen. Thieves easily grab your phone as you talk with someone heartily and gaily, because your alert would be laid down at that time.

Use text message instead of making a call. Text messaging is not only a healthy way to use mobile phone, but also a polite way. Make sure the keys of the phone don’t make too much noise. Plus, control yourself when your receive some happy, humorous, or irritating messages.

If you are in an important meeting with your boss or talk seriously with others, answering the phone causes a bad impression on others. What you should do is to say sorry and turn off the ring. You could call the caller at the breaks of the meeting or talking or when the meeting or talking is over.

If your condition permits, choose to use vibration instead of ring tone. The ring also produces annoyance and disturbance to others.

Correctly, politely using your cell phone adds funs and elegance to your normal utilization. Behave yourself from now on. Give a good impression to your family members, friends and colleagues.

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