Cell Phone Privacy - Convenience & Privacy at the Same Time, Possible?

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) April 28, 2009 -- Cell phones users grow rapidly these years. There are more than 200 million subscribers in the U.S. Their prices are constantly dropping. And we could buy these phones directly from mobile phones wholesalers [http://www.actfind.com/categories/wholesale-Cell-Phones-and-PDAs/] who always offer much lower prices than retailers. So we can see that the advantages of these phones make them become our part of basic lives. But we always neglect their defects, and one of their defects, privacy leakage is one of the defects that most affect our lives.

Generally, their two types of eavesdroppers, one is unintentional and the other is intentional. The first situation happens when you talk your phone in the public area, like on the bus or in public toilet. This kind of eavesdroppers does no harm to your normal life. The other are those who make it a hobby to listen to others calls, or those who want to steal some special information from you. These people use radio scanners to tap your phone, as Cell phones are just like mini-radios; they use frequency to transmit information.

Now, you probably think that you could avoid being overheard in the first situation, but you would ask: “how could I ward off those intended in the second situation?". The answer is that you could only reduce the risk maximally. The following are some guides and tips:

If you plan to change your cell phones:

Choose digital cell phones instead of analog cell phones. Analog mobile phones’ transmissions can be easily received by radio scanners. However, digital signals produced by digital cell phones sound like noise when they are received by a standard radio scanner.

Opt for the phones which could offer encryption whilst you communicate with others. These phones always offer the highest security, comparing to the ones that aren’t equipped. The current encryption technology includes CDMA, TDMA, etc.

These phones are easily found. You could locate them at affordable prices via wholesale electronics sellers [http://www.actfind.com/], in online stores, etc.

If your are not gonna change your phone:

Do some test on purpose about the security level of your current phone. Occasionally leak a little information. If overheard, that means your phone is more likely to be scanned. Moreover, you could find who intentionally tap your phone.

Avoid using your phone in the public area as much as possible. For some trifles, you could talk as long as you wish. Try your best not to talk something important/confidential over the phone, you could talk with the guy later in a more secure area or fact-to-face.

Add encryption to your phone, if your calling destination is sensitive and easily-detected. The privacy-leaking will be reduced to the least degree from both sides.

To protect our privacy totally depends on ourselves, not others. Be discreet all the time when you use your Motorola, Sony, or others.

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