Cell Phone Victim - Aren't You Aware You Are One of Them

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) July 27, 2009 -- Many of us might became victim of cell phone abuse without unawareness. What is a victim? A victim means you are disturbed by other cell phones users unintentionally, unexpectedly and impolitely. Cheaper cell phones provided by wholesale mobile phones [http://www.actfind.com/categories/wholesale-Branded-Cell-Phones/], dropshippers and retails lead to the increasing number of cell phone users as well as using etiquette problems.

Imagine the following situation:

When you are in an important meeting, suddenly you hear a loud cell phone rings, how do you feel? Some polite people might turn off the phone and say sorry immediately, but some might accept the phone just in front of you or talk outside the conference room for a long time. What kind of complicated feeling would you have?

While you are happily dining with your friends in a restaurant, a guy about 6 feet away chat loudly on his cell phone. You even couldn't hear what your friends say. That is real disturbance and annoyance. Emotional people couldn't help asking the caller to stop talking or persuade him/her to talk in a lower voice. But impolite caller will ignore them and tell them: "It's none of your business".

As you wait for paying your purchase in a shopping mall, a guy in front of you keep talking and talking. He too focuses on his phone and leave you and the cashier aside. No matter how impatient the cashier and you look, he just talk on his phone and don't allow you to jump his queue.

There are still other impolite behaviors. All the etiquette problems haven't arisen public concern yet. They are hard to solve. These actions don't commit criminals. The impolite are impossible to be brought away or detained by the police. Bearing, bearing, and bearing seem the only things we could do.

In fact, if we want to solve the problem, we should behave ourselves at first. The etiquette of cell phone brings us harmony, happiness and peace of mind. If everyone does the same thing, the disobeyer will follow. When you use your phone in public, don't talk loudly, talk as shortly as possible and turn your phone off or use vibration as your ring tone.

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Many of us might became victim of cell phone abuse without unawareness. What is a victim? Read on for more info.

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